MCP elections


Dear AIESEC Slovenia:

I'm sending you this email in order to up date you with the MCP elections as you know this is one of the most important processes that happens every year.

We have 1 brave applicant: Marta Banjac. if you haven't read her application please read it, since this the future of the leadership of AIESEC Slovenia for next year and we need to make sure that you are informed about your decision.

Here I attach the link for her application.

More about the election process

How the process for MC goes?

  • Candidate(s) go trough a process of evaluation, we evaluate different aspects with assessment, RB, application more details about the evaluation process we will give to you during leadership day.

  • Candidate(s) which approved the RB become official applicants and are the ones that will be presented during leadership day attached you can find the agenda of the elections (Sat 18th)

  • There you have the opportunity to ask questions about candidate plans, strategies and anything else that you want to know and is not in the application-> so read their applications!!!

  • After that you will have the opportunity to give your idea of whom to elect as MCP to your Local President. But only those entities with Full membership status will vote.

For the official announcement we will do it in a as soon as the votes are reviewed by the election Chair and current MCP.
Please help us to invite your members, alumni, externals interested, even if your mom wants to know what is AIESEC you can invite her :D

Agenda for the day

9:00 9:30 Intro
9:30 10:00 MCP elections intro
10:00 11:30 Candidate #1
11:30 13:00 Lunch
13:00 14:00 Panel discussion and final speech
14:00 15:00 Voting
15:00 15:30 Closing
15:30 16:00 Break
16:00 16:30 Official Announcement

AIESEC Slovenia MCP election 2013-2014

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MCP elections

Saturday, Jan. 18th, 9am

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Ljubljana

This event will be held in the Faculty of Economics. Classroom: sejna soba senata