In Commemoration of Rick Hansen

A pretty cool guy

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You have been invited to the commemoration of Rick Hansen. I will explain what this person has done to affect the world and create change.

Early Life

At a young age, Rick Hansen got into a car accident which had caused him spinal cord injury. From their on he had to adapt to a life using a wheel chair. After Highschool he had participated in many paralympic activities where he had won multiple gold medal awards and had contributed many times towards spinal cord injury research. He is also the first student with a disability to pass and earn a degree in physical education from the University of British Columbia.

His contributions

During 1980 Rick Hansen was inspire by Terry Fox to do a similar journey except on larger scale to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries. His goal was to travel around the world. He was able to raise 26 million dollars. This has led to many advancements in the research on spinal cord injuries. Another contribution he has made was the Rick Hansen Foundation. The Rick Hansen Foundation has launched programs advocating for cures, treatments, and quality of life programs for people with spinal cord injuries and related disabilities. He is also the reason that another 48 million dollars raised for the international Collaboration of Repair Discoveries , which is basically a network to keep the best practices for spinal cord treatment. Another contribution that he has made was being a supporter of the conservation of Sturgeon, has contributed funds to this cause from the book Tale of the Great White Fish, and has even served as chairman for both Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society and the Pacific Salmon Endowment Fund Society, helping to restore and protect sturgeon and salmon populations in British Columbia.