Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Friday, April 24, 2015 - General News

Happy weekend!!

Thanks to all who participated in the Georgetown Fun Fair!! It looked like a great time was had by all!

Homework for the week of 4/27/15

Monday - Homelink 6.9, spelling list 28 goes home for test on Friday; Tuesday - Repeated Addition 2; Wednesday - Repeated Addition Sheet A; Thursday - Repeated Addition Sheet B

Please check out the following links to see what's being used in second grade. Remember that Edline can give you a enormous amount of information, including units we are working on as well has homework sheets.




The week of April 27th:






P.E. and Music






Writing/ Reading: For Writing this week, the students wrote opinion pieces on special people in our lives. They also worked on writing the cursive letters H-J. In reading we continued to focus on comparing and contrasting stories. This week we compared Cinder-Elly and the European version of Cinderella. Ask your child how the two stories were similar and how they were different. We also celebrated Earth Day with learning and writing about how to better our environment. Have your child tell you how they could make our environment better.

Word Study:

This week in word study, we reviewed homophones (focusing on the words there, their, and they're). We also continued to explore and identify multiple meaning words (homographs) like bow and deck. You may want to have your child give you more examples of homographs! Additionally we continued identifying abbreviations, and their meanings.

Social Studies/Science

This week in Social Studies we continued our Geography and Land-forms unit. Ask your child the difference is between a river and an ocean. Where does the river water come from? Also, have your child explain what they know about volcanoes and plains.


This week in Math we began Unit 8. The students learned about repeated addition and arrays, getting them ready for multiplication. Ask your child how they used the geoboards and rubber-bands to help them with understanding arrays. We continue to practice two part number stories and three digit addition and subtraction.

Reminder: If you would like your child to have extra math fact practice, please let me know and I will send Otter Creek practice sheets with a page protector cover. These sheets are for practice with a dry erase marker. Have your child practice one minute timings using the bottom portion of the sheet. The top portion is for practice. If you would like practice sheets for your child, please email me and I will be glad to send the sheets.

Luke sharing his Math thinking!

Second Step

This week in Second Step we continued our conversations about problem solving. We also continued our end of the day meetings, discussing what went well throughout the day and what could be improved (both in the classroom and on the playground). Additionally, we watched a movie titled "How to Unmake a Bully Volume 1" (you can find this video on Youtube) , and worked on identifying Friend-Makers vs. Friend-Breakers.
How to UnMake A Bully

Spelling List 28







Luke: "I learned about rivers, plains, volcanoes, and islands. I also learned about unmaking a bully."

Tyler: " I learned 3+3+3+3= 6+6 which equals 12. I want to learn if a rock sinks faster than an eraser. I learned how to read a 3rd grade book."

Dayejawone: "I learned about abbreviations, homographs, and glaciers."

Joshua: " I want to know who was the first one to find America. I learned about counting with 3 digit numbers. I also learned about 3 digit addition. How did the Ice Age start? "

Asia: "I learned about equal groups, how to spell children, bullying, and fairy tales!"

Kaydence: "I learned how to calm down, multiplication, about rivers and about landforms."

John: "I learned about writing problems in complete sentences and about times."

Shirat: "I learned about abbreviations, times (multiplications), arrays, and adding equal groups. I also learned about rivers and plains"

Samantha: "I learned abbreviations, multiplication, and Cinder-Elly!"

Kyle: "I learned about adding equal parts and about the environment."

Adam: "I learned about capitalization, multiplication, volcanoes, rivers, and glaciers."

Justin: "I learned about math."

Victoria: "I learned about abbreviations, homographs, plains, and islands. I want to learn more about arrays."

Draven: "I learned about their, there, and they're. I also learned about arrays."

Ryann: "I learned about times like 9X9=81, fractions, and about NOT to be a bully."

Nigel: "I learned about solving a problem without blame, stop bullying, working better with team work, and to try our best at all times."

Luis: "I learned about equal groups, times, how to spell children, and islands."

Joel: "I learned about doubles, 3 digit addition, and Earth Day."

Julian: "I learned adding groups and about arrays."

Emma: "I learned about rivers, that they are a stream of water and I learned about islands - they are surrounded by water. I learned about plains, that they are flat. I also learned about arrays."

Tess: "I learned about abbreviations, to be generous to people, and to be nice to people."

Joshua: "I learned how a volcano is formend. I want to learn how the earth got made."

Taryn: "I learned about abbreviations and problem solving steps like S - Say the Problem without blame, T - Think of solutions safe and respectful, E- explore consequences of what could happen if..., and P - pick the best solution and make a plan. I also learned about equal groups and that a dozen means 12. I learned how to unmake a bully. I also learned about Samantha and what she likes."

Maya: "I learned how to calm down in 2nd steps and about George Washington's mother. I also learned about how to unmake a bully and arrays."

Have a wonderful week!