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Newsletter #33 - May 1, 2023

Greetings Medina Families & Community,

With the sunny weather on Friday and Saturday, we are looking forward to spring-like weather this May. We had so much fun with the egg drop, vendor presentations, and STEAM activities on Friday. A big thanks goes to our parent organizers Tiffany Shao, Anita Ambani and all of you who helped to make STE(A)M night possible!

Thank you if you registered on the Kids Heart Challenge website. We already have more than 50 students register, so everyone gets Pajama Day on Friday! We also want to emphasize that donations are optional; our focus this year is on the education piece - specifically learning about hands-only CPR and warning signs of stroke as a family. School Pool Challenge is this week, so we encourage our families to walk, bike, carpool, or participate by choosing a transportation method that helps to reduce traffic congestion.

Let's make it a fantastic week!

In partnership,

Kati & Betty

Upcoming Dates

May 1-25: Smarter Balanced Testing Window

May 5: Pajama Day!

May 8-12: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

May 11: Joint Clyde Hill & Medina Family University Night, 5:30-7pm, @ Medina

May 17: Volunteer Appreciation Lunch, 12:30-1pm

May 29: Memorial Day, No School

Visiting the School

We welcome all of our families to volunteer at the school, particularly during lunch and recess. This is a friendly reminder to please check in the front office for visitor's sticker badge when you're here volunteering or meeting someone at the school.

During school hours, Monday-Friday 7:45am - 2:35pm, when students are on campus, our school outdoor spaces are not open to the public. If you are not volunteering or have school business, please refrain from watching from the sidelines or staying on school property as students are at recess. This causes alarm to students and staff who may not know who you are. Thank you for helping to maintain a safe school environment.

Clyde Hill & Medina Family University Night Next Week!

We hope to see many of you at our first ever Family University Night on Thursday, May 11th. Come meet Bellevue School District Mental Health Assessment Team counselors and learn about ways to support your child's well-being. Our incoming superintendent, Dr. Aramaki, will kick off the event!

We are excited to welcome both our Medina and Clyde Hill families for this f.u.n. event! We do not have childcare option available currently, and we ask that kids stay at home due to the topics we will discuss.

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Any items missing?

The lost and found at Medina is getting full! Please remind your child to stop by if they are missing any coats, water bottles, lunch boxes, books, etc… Anything we find with a name it, we work to return to students, but there are many items that need a home. Items that are not claimed do get donated throughout the year.

Become a Bellevue School District Interpreter/Translator

Would you like to become an interpreter/translator for the district? Interpreters/translators are needed for a variety of languages for school and district events.

Currently we have three different job positions* open. If you are a bilingual/multilingual member of our community, you may be interested in applying.

*A proficiency test and training will be required.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

With more than half of our students and families identifying as Asian, we honor the identities of our Asian students as we work together to help them feel seen, heard, and celebrated throughout our school. Here are some ways to learn about the diversity within the Asian culture.

  • On May 6th, Seattle Center’s Festal series will be celebrating AAPI Heritage month with food, cultural chats and performances, as well as arts & crafts interactive activities for kids and adults alike!

Nurse News

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2023-2024 Health Paperwork

As we get ready for the 23-24 school year, please be on the lookout for health paperwork. It’s important to update your student’s health history and fill out necessary health forms. If you have

questions about any health forms or there is a change to your student’s health status, please

contact Nurse Meng Ping Ku (kum@bsd405.org).

Required Health Forms for BSD can be found here.

For additional health resources, please visit BSD Health Services.

Helmets & Bicycle Safety

Bicycling is a great way to get around and be active, especially as the weather gets nicer! For

your safety and the safety of those around you, it’s important to follow Washington State’s bicycle laws and always wear a helmet. Following the recommended safety practices when riding a bike can help keep you safe and reduce the risk of injury.

Helmets: You should always wear a helmet when riding a bike (or scooter, skateboard, etc.).

Helmets help reduce the risk of head and brain injuries for all ages of cyclists. For a helmet to best protect you, it needs to fit correctly.

To ensure a proper fit:

• Choose the right size helmet. You may need to try on several before finding the right one. The helmet should fit comfortably, but you can use extra pads for a snug and secure fit if needed.

• Make sure the straps fit around your ears and under your chin snugly. The straps should form a "V" under your ears. There should be enough room for one finger to fit between your chin and the strap.

• The helmet should rest flat on your head, not too far forwards or backwards. The helmet should rest low on the forehead, no more than two finger widths above the eyebrows.

• Look for the CPSC or SNELL certification sticker inside the helmet.

• Get a new helmet when you grow out of it or within 5 years, whichever comes first.

• Replace your helmet after a crash or if it is cracked.

Check out this list for free and low-cost bike helmet resources in King County.

Additional Information and Resources:

Seattle Children’s Bike and Multi-sport Helmets: Quick Fit Check

Safe Kids Worldwide Helmet Fit Test

PHSKC: Bike Helmets and Bicycle Safety

NHTSA: Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety in Bellevue: A guide for parents and children

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