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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

May 2, 2016

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead...


WEEKLY THEME: Where in the World is China?

The subject for our study for the next two weeks is the country of China. I am choosing to start this unit mid-week and then continue it into the first week in May. Be sure and keep up with all of the happenings and put them on your calendar. I will up date this newsletter next week as needed.

On Wednesday, May 4th, all of the kindergarten classes will rotate and experience China. They will enter a bamboo forest and create animals that live there, discover the challenge of using tangrams ( another Chinese invention), and make scrolls. This day will not only be fun but will give a good overview of China. Parents to “travel” with our class would be very helpful. The rotation schedule with a parent sign up will be sent home this week.

A sharing table helps us experience China, too. Please send in any items that you have from China. Anyone who has travel information or perhaps may have lived there would be very welcome to come and share artifacts and experiences with our class. The children really get into learning about new spaces and places.

The class will be exposed to Chinese stories like Lon Po Po (a Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood) and The Runaway Rice Cake (does that sound a little like the Gingerbread Boy?).


We will have an opportunity to enjoy some Chinese food. A note will be sent about our China lunch that the children will eat at school on Friday, May 6th. You will use the tear off slip to help us know about your child’s lunch on that day. I will send a hard copy of the note home on Monday, May 2nd. You do have the choice of packing a lunch for your child on that day. We need to know your preference in advance. We will also experience other countries by attending presentations from the other grade levels on that Friday, May 6th.


We will learn about China’s animals: Red Pandas, Panda Bears, sheep, goats, yaks, and fish. A small panda will be made out of clay, painted, and placed in its habitat. We will try to eat bamboo shoots and discover how long a Panda needs to eat each day. Tuesday, May 3rd is a day to dress in black and white just like a panda bear. If your child has a panda bear, please allow him/her to bring it to school for the week. Be sure there is a name on it.


The Chinese culture is an ancient, yet modern day culture. We will learn about their writing, school, art forms, and inventions (did you know that we can thank the Chinese people for kites, wheelbarrows, the compass, and the umbrella?). The Chinese New Year brings fun and birthdays to everyone in China.

Bible Basics

This is a great time to talk with your child about the fact that China is not a nation that embraces the Christian faith. People everywhere need the love of Jesus in their lives. We need to be in much prayer for this nation and the missionaries that are there. You can help your child develop a Christian global view and understanding of the world in which we live.

Friendly Reminders


Tuesday, April 26th in our all day farm trip to The Learning Tree Farm--rain or shine. Please check the forecast for that day. It looks as if there might be some light rain in the area, I suggest rain jackets, mud boots,and jeans (not shorts). Parents who will be joining us may want to also bring along umbrellas.

Children need a complete lunch for the day including a drink. I will bring a morning snack and extra bottle of water ( one for each child). We will need to bring all of our trash home with us as there is no facility for disposing of trash. Lunch boxes instead of paper sacks work much better on this trip. Paper sacks tend to get torn and food items squashed. Be sure that your child's name is on the lunch box.

On Wednesday, April 27 we will have Student Appreciation Day. This is a secret for the children until they get to school on that day. Mrs. Breitholle has asked that the children be told that this is a Spirit Day/ Children may wear spirit tops and uniform bottoms. This will be a fun day with an extended morning recess and culminating with a program from the Children's Theater. Additionally, I will provide a morning snack and some extra fun with some fun games and things to do. We want the children to know how much they are loved. S0...... please keep this secret!!!!!!

Important Dates

May 4 China Rotations (parent helper would be appreciated)

sign up note to come home this week with the rotation schedule

May 4-6

International Week at CHCA ( Lots more information to come)

May 6

China Lunch at school ( parents help needed to help serve the lunch)

May 13

Mother's Day Tea 2-3 pm at school

May 18

Plant Show


Dear Families,

Thank you so very much for a sweet Teacher Appreciation Day on Friday. I had a fabulous Italian lunch provided by Brown Dog and the PTF. There were lots of yummy desserts that parents provided,too. I absolutely love the cards that many of the children gave me. Those cards and words just made my day! Then a Texas sized thanks for the lovely planter and gift cards from the parents and children arrived to start my day. The planter is sitting in my kitchen window now. I have an unusual garden window and the planter looks just like it was meant for that special place, You have spoiled me! Natorp's Nursery is one of my favorite places. I have been there 3 times already this year so a gift card from Natorp's is a real treat! The Target card will certainly get lots of use as well. The hugs from the children just topped out the day. Awesome! Thank you!!!!