Spartan Successes

Frisco ISD

TAEA Contest Results

Congratulations to Mrs. Sherrie Knott and student Daniel Trevino!

Daniel has been selected to have his artwork displayed at the Annual TAEA Conference in Dallas this month! We are so proud of Daniel! These students were selected out of more than 200 submitted works from 20 districts in the DFW area!

His artwork is the first slide bottom right, - reclining figure on marbleized background.

Gary Burns Fun Run

Thousands of students, parents, staff and community members turned out Saturday for the 14th Annual Gary Burns Frisco Fun Run benefiting the Frisco Education Foundation. The event builds scholarship opportunities for Frisco ISD students, including the Gary Burns Memorial Scholarship Fund, and innovative grants for staff.

Our very own Elijah Alexander-Macias, a Stafford seventh grader, clocked the best time, finishing the 5K just under the 17-minute mark!!! Outstanding job Elijah!

All Race Results

7th Grade ILA Greek Mythology

The Goddess Phillips dresses up to teach 7th ILA about Greek Mythology.

Great Front Office Crew

We have wonderful staff in the front office (and two people missing in action).

Not pictured: Karen Kraft and Niki Jackson.

We love WhizBizzy - an excellent student project. We also love that Mrs. Flores could wear it.

Staff and Students Enjoy College Week (Sept. 16-20, 2013)

Students and staff members are being caught in the spirit of college week. Hopefully more students and staff will participate as the week unfolds.

Stafford Band Receives 2013 National Wind Band Honors from The Foundation for Music Education

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The Mark of Excellence recorded music contest offers bands, choirs, and orchestras the unprecedented opportunity to earn national recognition for their musical achievement. Many congrats to our 2013 Stafford Wind Honors band for taking home this great honor.

Amazing Beginning Harp Students Teach Principals How to Play

After giving the Stafford office staff a small concert in the foyer on Friday, August 30th (just five days into school), our talented beginning harp students taught Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Birdwell how to play,
Stafford 2013-14 Beginning Harp Students

Mrs. Postrigan Demonstrates Fire Blanket Safety in 6th Grade Science

2013-2014 Spartan Staff Photo

6th Graders Practice Opening Their Lockers on the First Day of School

Coach Kirby and Coach Washington Welcome Students on the First Day of School

Stafford Cheerleaders Volunteer at Special Olympics

Schedule Pick-up

Cheerleaders at Summer Camp

Camp Sparta Fun

Home Visits 2013

May 5 - May 11, 2013

Please join us in congratulating the members of the 6th Grade Girls Choir who not only earned a 1st Division rating (the highest possible score) at the Sandy Lake FunFest contest on Saturday, May 11th, but were also named the Outstanding Choir!
Also deserving of a round of applause is our beginning orchestra. They received a 1st Division Rating at Sandy Lake!

April 29-May 4, 2013

Students in Art classes created excellent replicas of book covers for the library.

Check them out here:

April 15-21, 2013

Orchestra Successes at Solo and Ensemble

I have some great news to report. This past weekend, students from orchestra competed at our annual District Solo and Ensemble Contest. All students were required to learn a solo, and our symphonic students were also required to learn an ensemble. Students chose whether or not they wished to take their performances to contest. So, the first part of the good news, Stafford had a record number of students choosing to take their performances to contest! This is actually a huge step for the students, as they have to push themselves on these difficult performances.

The most fun news to report however, between all solos and ensembles, Stafford received 9 “Excellent” ratings, as well as 42 “Superior” ratings.

I am very proud of the students and all of their hard work.

Amy Boemer

Orchestra Teacher

Choir Successes at Solo and Ensemble

This past Saturday, 15 Stafford Choir students participated in the Solo and Ensemble contest. Singers from each middle school in Frisco performed a memorized voice solo or choral ensemble for a judge who assigned ratings for the students’ performances.

Every one of those 15 students received the top rating of 1 (Superior) for their solo:

  • Auriana Bollinger
  • Alexis Chaney
  • Kelsey Evanoski
  • Blair Finlinson
  • Tarni Hewage
  • Gabie Hocson
  • McKensey Jensen
  • Olivia Loera
  • Julia Miller
  • Karla Quiñones
  • Sarah Ray
  • Nishita Sojan
  • Shivani Sundar
  • Ivy Walker
  • Drew Henry

The following students were selected as Outstanding Soloist in their room, which is a HUGE and very select honor:

  • Gabie Hocson
  • Shivani Sundar

Congratulations to all the outstanding singers who participated on Saturday. Mrs. Bond is so proud of your hard work and the terrific way you represented our school!

Amanda Bond

Choir, Broadcasting, and 6th Grade Advisory

April 8-14,2013

Math and Science competition success!

Toni Selph, Tom West, and Laura Koenig are so proud to announce our awards from the Math and Science competition held in San Antonio this past weekend.

Stafford won over 20 awards, trophies, and medals. This is an amazing achievement for our delegates!

Our overall Sweepstakes award was for 6th place.

We won the 3rd place Team Math trophy for the school and the following students won individual team medals: Tarun Sontam, Abhishek Dayal, Pavon Govu, and Samaya Pattim.

We won the 3rd place Team Science trophy for the school and the following students won individual team medals: Sabarish Menon, Abhishek Dayal, Tarun Sontam, Ameya Singh.

Individual medals and trophies for Number Sense went to: Sabarish Menon (12th place), Pavon Govu (14th place), Samaya Pattim (16th place), Tarun Sontam (18th place).

Individual medals and trophies for Math went to: Pavon Govu (2nd place), Tarun Sontam (3rd place in 6th grade), Abhishek Dayal (3rd place in 8th grade), Samaya Pattim (8th place), Chrisann Rinael (12th place), and Aaron Earp (17th place).

Individual medals and trophies for Science went to: Ameya Singh (2nd place), Ethan Vincent (3rd place in 7th grade), Abhishek Dayal (3rd place in 8th grade), Tarun Sontam (6th place), Pavon Govu (9th place in 6th grade), Sabarish Menon (9th place in 7th grade), and Austin Earp (20th place).

Congratulations to all of our 17 qualifiers!

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