Weather Project

Jack and Campbell's excellent adventures as weathermen

Day 1: Weather, Climate,Radiation, and Conduction

Today we learned that climate and weather and almost completely, but not entirely, different. Weather is the everyday changes in the atmosphere, while climate is the same stuff but over time.

(see below for radiation and conduction)

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Day 2: Land n' Sea Breezes

Today in being weatherpersons, we created a lab on land and sea breeze

Materials: incense, sand, water ,clear container (needs to have a top), heat source

Procedure: Put sand in one side and water in the other side of the container. Place the incense on the sand and light it, quickly putting the top on the container after doing so. Start heating the container and watch the incense form into a convection current.

Day Three: Global Patterns

Hello,today on Jack and Campbell's excellent adventures as weather men, we are talking about winds. First we'll start with trade winds. This type of wind blow in an easterly way and dominates most of the tropics. Another type of wind is polar wind. These winds are above 60 degrees north and below 60 degrees south. They also move east and are cold winds. Westerlies are another type of winds that move west and are between 30 and 60 degres latitude. Easterlies are the last type of winds we are talking about today. These winds are the type of wind that blows from high pressure areas of the polar highs at the north and south poles towards low pressure areas within the westerlies at high latitudes. these winds are dry,cold and prevailing.

Day 4: Natural Disasters


Have fun