Unidad 6

Due date

Please remember that all Unit 6 work is due on Friday, November 14th. You will have one additional week to turn in Unit 6 work, but please do not wait until the last minute to submit. No work will be accepted after November 21st.

Tutoring / RLC room on Thursday at 6pm

I will be in the RLC class room at 6pm on Thursday for tutoring. If you have questions about subjunctive, commands, or any other grammar issue from units 6 or 7, please come in. I will stay as long as needed, but you will need to be there by 6:15 at the latest or I will understand it that no one has questions or needs additional practice.


I so appreciate all of you who have been so patient with this course and the "bugs" that have needed to be fixed. I also appreciate all of you who have shown such positive attitudes throughout the course. I hope to see you in tutoring or in a future RLC session!
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