Rosa Parks

Good character can start a civil rights movement

Why Rosa Parks is a Great Mentor?

I selected Rosa Parks because she is one of the most inspirational civil rights activists; she's right up there with Martin Luther King Jr. She showed how any ordinary person can stand up for what's right, and cause a chain of others to follow their lead. She had great character and values. She was a bold opportunist who did not give in to peer pressure. She was proactive in fighting for what she believed in: equality. She was defiant against a society that told her she was worthless, and proved them wrong. She faced many hardships, and got through them with realistic optimism. With that, I'm sure anyone could agree that she is a great mentor for young adults.
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Rosa Parks has accomplished so much more than most people can say, for she was the beginning of a civil rights movement. She stood up for what she knew was right, even when the consequences were harsh. An accomplishment of hers was seeing her pain turned into something beautiful when she watched that chain reaction she started of defiance against a social norm that wasn't right. However, she earned the greatest honor when she died. Her casket lied for two days in the rotunda of the United States Capitol, one of the highest honors for the dead.
Rosa Parks Interview