4B Post Assessment

Color Guard

Asch (Line Experiment)

When we would do work and watch each other doing the flag work, we all would start doing the wrong thing if the person that was being watched did the wrong thing.

Zimbardo (Prison Experiment)

Our leader got really big headed when she found out she was the leader and started bossing us around like we where her children.

Milgram (Obedience Experiment)

We all followed what the leader said.


This one girl wanted to hang out wit a certain person in guard and changed her personality to be with the girl she wanted to be hang out with.


The drum major commands respect and obedience from his band.


When the drum major said 'stay' we all would stop talking and stand in the position we where told to.

Self-serving Bias

Whenever we placed well at a competition , the band loved color guard. But whenever we didn't place well, they blamed color guard.

Group Think

5 months after color guard ended, some girls still think like it is guard season and talk about it all the time.

Group Polarization

Even though we didn't place at our last competition, we all have talked about it and we did the best we could do!