Kindergarten News

3/24/16 & 4/1/16

Note from Ms. Bradshaw!

It's officially the time of year when I am writing about end of the year activities. This year has flown by and your kiddos are getting closer and closer to being 1st graders. I can't even believe it! You will see some dates below that you may want to jot down on your calendars. Please have a happy and safe break and I am looking forward to seeing the kids when we get back!


Note the addition of many end of year dates to remember!

April 2 - April 10th- Spring Break

Friday, April 15th- Science Fair (Kindergarten 1:00-3:00)

Thursday, May 5th - Mother's Day Tea

Friday, May 27th- Farm Day

Friday, June 3rd- Field Day

Wednesday, June 15th- End of Year Show*

Friday, June 17th- Dads and Donuts

Wednesday, June 22nd - Last Day of School

*Subject to change

Sight Words

We have learned these sight words! Have your son/daughter look for them at home or in the environment!

  • a
  • I
  • the
  • and
  • like
  • is
  • see
  • go
  • am
  • me
  • to
  • my
  • it
  • are
  • be
  • not
  • up
  • as
  • you
  • will
  • have
  • by
  • we


This week, we...

- practiced using +, -, and = in number stories.

- number line addition and subtraction

- domino addition

- collected a teen number of objects and compared more/less

- solid shape match up (2D & 3D game of memory)

- skip counting with calculators

- using a pan balance to level objects (make equal weights)

- practiced estimating candies in a jar- making smart guesses

- decomposed numbers into two smaller parts

Writer's Workshop

Our expert books are complete! Our books have a cover page, "hook page," table of contents, 4 pages about our topic, and a dedication page. We will be making similiar books based on some kindergarten friendly research when we get back from break! Stay tuned for more info :)

Reader's Workshop

We have been reading many non-fiction books in preparation for the next writing unit! Ask your child what they are going to write about!


Last week, we focused on the u word families! This week, we did a review of all of our word families! Feel free to practice tapping and blending at home! Some words to try:

  • cat
  • dog
  • pig
  • hit
  • cup
  • jug
  • yam
  • peg
  • hip
  • pat
  • lap
  • hug


Whether kindergarteners are just looking at the pictures, pointing out letters, or even identifying words, having books for children to look at is ideal to helping them become a beginning reader AND start to have a love for reading!

Follow the directions below to purchase books. Your purchases will also give our class “points” which I can redeem for books and activities to use in our classroom!


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