JMCSS News Alert

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Continuous Learning Plan Released

Our community has risen to a new level of support for the Jackson-Madison County School System. Over the last three weeks, we came together to decide on options for the first phase of our School New Normal Initiative: Re-Entry. There were many meetings, in the early morning and late evening, for stakeholders to provide their feedback and expertise. Faith-based leaders, health professionals, business owners, internal school staff, board members, teachers, and parents were all represented on our work teams. These work teams are a clear indication that we are bound to do great work with the interest of all JMCSS students in mind.

We are regularly reminded of the unprecedented conditions in which we find ourselves. Some districts in our region are deciding to suspend “in-person” classes due to the increasing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in West Tennessee. While we are hopeful and will continue to provide the traditional on-campus learning option, we will resume conversations with local leaders as well as the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department around our statistics. Their guidance is almost certain to change the complexity of our road map throughout the school year. Although leading during this unprecedented time has been a difficult task, it has been amazing to see the pieces of the puzzle come together.

There have been many concerns around masks and other face coverings. The use of masks will continue to be expected and encouraged. In fact, several face shields and masks have been donated for use by students, faculty, and staff this school year. We will continue to seek the collective feedback of our work teams in this and all other areas of our School New Normal Initiative. In preparing to return, principals and central office staff will be working together on what school will look like for the 10-day teacher in-service.

Below, you can access our Continuous Learning Plan as well as protocol around our School New Normal. Also, we have embedded our FAQ page along with more questions and answers to assist families in making decisions as well as to keep our staff informed. Hopefully, this will provide additional clarity. Should you have additional inquiries, please click the link on the FAQ page and complete the form to send in those questions. As always, thanks for your patience today as we work to provide our students with learning options that will prepare them for opportunities tomorrow; even during this unprecedented era we find ourselves in.