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Pentecostal Introduction

Pentecostalism is a modern christian movement that emerged out of the Holiness movement in the twentieth century. There are many Pentecostal church, most are conservative. Teach that modern day Christians can receive the same gift as the apostles did. Receiving the gift of tongues is a baptism of the Holy Spirit. It also brings a lot of other spiritual gifts
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The Pentecostal religion has around 4,407,000 follwers

Founder of the Religon

The founder of the Pentecostal Religion is Charles Fox Parham. He was an independent evangelist who believed strongly in divine healing

When did it begin?

The Pentecostal religion began around 1901 with a handful of students in Topeka, Kansas.
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Snake Handling

Pentecostals dance with snakes to show that that person is empowered and protected by God.
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Rituals & Rites

Some rituals are receiving tongues, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Another ritual is snake handling, which shows that that person is empowered and protected by God.