East Edition

January 4, 2015

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Gratitudes, Congratulations and Celebrations

Thanks to our custodians, Elaine and Sarah, who did a great job of deep cleaning over the holiday break. Things look fresh and ready for learning.

Gratitude to those parents who brought goodies to all the holiday parties a the end of the day on Friday before break.

Cafeteria Teach Tos (monday & Tuesday)

Don't forget that we did a sign up sheet prior to break for time for your class to come to the cafeteria and do some Teach To practices with me on either Monday or Tuesday of this week. Below is the schedule.

Monday, Jan 4

8:00 am All of 4th Grade

9:00 am Vanzo 5th Grade

9:20 am Blakley 5th Grade

10:35 am All of Kindergarten

1:15 pm All of 2nd Grade

Tuesday, Jan 5

8:00 am Israelson 1st Grade

Hollingsworth, McAlexander and Beauvais Classes still need to sign up. Please do so ASAP. Thanks.

Sign Up for Playground Teach-Tos

Please sign up your class for playground "Teach-Tos" with me sometime in the next two weeks. This is just like the cafeteria Teach-To sign up, except more options for days and times.

District Collab This Friday (Jan 8)

This Friday (Jan 8) all elementary teachers will meet at the administration building for collab time at 2:30 pm. Below are room assignments and specific work to be accomplished. Please bring your laptop or iPad.

  • Teachers Grades 3-5, Lit Coordinators & Special Ed: Board Room - Skills Navigator Training/Webinar
  • Teachers Grades 1 & 2: Upstairs Room 202 - Early MAPS Skills Checklists
  • Kindergarten Teachers: Upstairs Room 201 - TS Gold Planning
  • Physical Education Teachers: Alternative School Lounge - Create plan for collaboration time on Jan 11th inservice
  • Music Teachers: Alternative School Classroom - Create plan for collaboration time on Jan 11th inservice
  • Art Teachers: Office on Landing -Create plan for collaboration time on Jan 11th inservice
  • Counselors: Conference Room - Create plan for collaboration time on Jan 11th inservice

Co-Planning on Fridays Only

Just a reminder that we will be co-planning on Friday's only now. This change will require that we continue the same unit planning activities in a more efficient manner. I will send an email to each grade level team each week with the upcoming unit planning priorities, based upon where we left off the previous time. If a team desires to continue doing unit planning for math and reading in the same week, just let me know and we will make that adjustment to the schedule. If we find that unit planning on only one day per week isn't working for a specific grade level team, we will discuss and move back to twice per week. (one day for math and one day for reading). We will end each co-planning session with a few minutes to determine the date of the next unit planning session in that content area (Friday date) and what needs to be accomplished by that date.

During the beginning of the 2nd trimester, we started conducting data team meetings, We need to continue that work as post assessments are completed in both reading and math. These data team meetings will need to be completed on days that are closest to the completion of the post assessment. As those come up we will determine when those data dialogues will occur. These data team meetings need to occur with the following present: principal, IC coach for math or Lit coor for reading, grade level teachers. When possible they will be on Fridays.

This week (Friday, Jan 8) we will have math co-planning for all grade levels. Next week we will have a data team process with reading around the DIBELS benchmark results. (Fri, Jan 15).

Upcoming Jan 11th Inservice

Below is a repeat of the email that Amy Ward sent out regarding priorities and work that will be conducted on Monday, January 11th In-service:

On Jan 11 certified elementary staff will be participating in an elementary in-service day. Most teachers will participate ½ day focused on ECAW: Deeper Understandings and ½ day of facilitated collaboration focused on priorities specific to their grade level or department.

SPED Teachers
  • ½ day Writing Instruction, and

  • 1.5 - 2 hours with SPED and Renae Dove

  • Approximately 2 hours to collaborate together on

    • IEP Audits

    • CO Alt DLM and Science/Social Studies

    • Possibility of SPIRE help/training

PE, Music, Art, Counselors

  • ½ day Facilitated Scope and Sequence Revision work, and

  • ½ day collaboration based on your prioritized agenda

Lit Coordinators

  • ½ day Writing Instruction, and

  • 1.5 - 2 hours with SPED and Renae Dove

  • Approximately 2 hours to collaborate together day based on your prioritized agenda

ACCESS Practice for Students

Students that are identified as ELL will have one more opportunity to use the ACCESS Practice Tests this week on Monday, Jan 4th and/or Thursday, Jan 7th with Jonathan. This will be students' last opportunity for practice. Please let Jonathan know if you are aware of a planned absence.

  • 10:30 am - 3rd, 4th & 5th Practice
  • 2:15 pm - 1st, 2nd,


This Week's Events & Happenings (Jan 4 - 8)


  • Teach Tos in the Cafeteria
  • Leadership Team Meeting 3:40 pm
  • IBS Problem Solving Meeting 4:00 pm


  • Teach Tos in the Cafeteria
  • CST Team Meeting 2:30 pm
  • Social Committee Meeting 3:40 pm
  • 5th Grade iPad Meeting 4:00 pm at Admin


  • Elementary Principal Collab 8:00 am
  • UbD Team Meeting 4:00 pm


East Art E Day

  • ACCESS Practice Tests with Jonathan


East Art F Day

  • Co-Planning for Math (1st - 5th) with Each Grade Level Team
  • PARCC Test Training for Administrators & Coordinators 1:00 pm
  • District Collab at Admin Building 2:30 pm

What's Happening Next Week? (Jan 11 - 15)

  • DIBELS Benchmark Testing (Tues, Wed, Thurs - Jan 12, 13 & 14)
  • In-Service - Jan 11th (8:00 am - 4:00 pm) - Location TBA
  • MCEA Membership Meeting with State Represenative - Jan 12th afterschool
  • East PAC Meeting - Jan 12th 5:20 pm
  • District Administrators Meeting - Jan 13th- 8:00 am
  • Benefit Committee Meeting - Jan 13th 4:0 pm
  • School Board Work Session - Jan 14th 7:00 am
  • CoPlanning Literacy - Jan 15th (Monday w/ Kindergarten & Friday with 1st - 5th) - DIBELS Benchmark Data Dialogues

What's Happening This Month?

  • DIBELS Benchmark Testing (Whole School - Every Child)
  • ACCESS Testing - Practice week of Jan 4th; Testing week of Jan 18th)
  • Learning Walks - Jan 18th

Teach-Tos for the Next Two Weeks

It is crucial and required that each classroom teacher review all behavioral expectations after Christmas Break. The following link is a checklist similar to the beginning of the school year. It should be used to indicate that your students have been explicitly re-taught behavior expectations in various learning environments and around the school. Turn in the checklist at the end of each of these next two weeks. Teachers who turn it in on time will receive a gift card for lunch each week they turn the checklist in.


Teach Tos are research based and shown to help prevent and reduce overall challenging behavior for most students. The steps in teaching a "Teach-To" are as follows:

1. Explain the positive/expected behavior and rationale.

2. Demonstrate the positive and expected behavior or routine.

3. Demonstrate the negative (non-example) behavior.

4. Demonstrate the almost but not quite behavior.

5. Have students practice with positive/expected behavior with all elements or routines done with precision. Re-practice until it is accurately demonstrate by each student.


On Monday, Jan 4th, all bus students will be called via the PA system to come and practice lining up and loading onto the bus. They will be called by their bus number to practice with me and Wendy. Practice will include loading on the bus. We will begin at 2:50 pm or as soon as 3rd, 4th & 5th get in from outdoor recess.

Learning Walks - January 18th

Learning walks were such a success that we'd like to provide this professional development opportunity again. Thanks to all the host and visiting teachers that were willing to try our first round. Our next round of learning walks will be January 18th. Ava Lanes will be facilitating some of these learning walks again. I would like every certified staff member to give this form of professional development a try on that day. It would require you to be away from your classroom for 1 - 2 hours depending upon whether or not you wanted to do 1 or 2 walks. Please go to the following Google Doc and indicate whether or not you desire to do 1 or 2 learning walks.


Please let me know via email if you would be willing to be a host teacher. Being a host teacher is optional.