The Padilla Post 9/20/2021

September 20, 2021

Providing every student with the keys to open the doors of their future.

A Note from Principal Purfurst

There has been lots of great learning happening this week at Padilla! Thank you for talking to your kids this week about Leadership! We have our first Polar Bears of the Week highlighted below!

An Update from Dean Hawkins

Evacuation Drill #2

On Tuesday of this past week, we successfully conducted our second Evacuation Drill of the school year. We successfully had all students and staff out of the building and accounted for in under ten minutes which is always our goal. We welcomed our afternoon preschool students as they were not a part of our first drill. Our preschool students and staff did an excellent job! Our October drill will be on the morning of the 6th. We will also conduct our first Lockdown Drill on the 14th of October. More info to come on this particular drill.

Discipline Trends:

We are at a point in the school year in which we are seeing more student behaviors that need to be redirected. Many of the behaviors that are becoming office managed involve students putting their hands on each other. As we attempt to curb this trend, we ask that you remind your students about having safe bodies when they are at school, especially outside at recess as this is the location that we are seeing this behavior occurring. Classroom teachers are reiterating these expectations with our students in class this week as well.

We thank you for your time and help in this area!

Important Dates

  • Thursday, September 23rd - Picture Day!
  • Friday, October 1st - October Count Day!
  • Wednesday, October 20th and Thursday, October 21st - Conferences

Picture Day!

Picture day will be on Thursday, September 23rd!

Please go to the link below to order pictures. Use code: EVT2Q9ZQ8

October Count Day!

Each year, the state of Colorado determines funding for schools based on the number of students in attendance at a school on October Count Day. The funding for every student is critical to ensuring that we have the right amount of resources to best support your students. Attendance at school is important every day, but will be especially important on Friday, October 1st. Ensuring an accurate count of students will help us make sure we have the right number of staff hired to help kids and maybe even hire some more!

Spirit Week is coming the week of September 28-Oct 1st!

- Tuesday 9/28: Sports day (this can include college gear!)

- Wednesday 9/29: Crazy hat/hair day

- Thursday 9/30: PJ/stuffie day

- Friday 10/1: Color day (each class will pick a color)

There will be rewards for highest attendance by class throughout the week, with awards happening on Friday:

- Each class that gets above 90% attendance for the week will get popsicles!

- The class with the highest percentage for the week in each grade will get to pie Mr. Purfurst or Mr. Hawkins in the face!

- The class with the overall highest percentage for the week will earn a pizza party!


At Padilla, we believe that every interaction we have with parents and families is an opportunity for us to help them understand how their child is doing in school. Because of that, we believe that formal conferences aren't always necessary. Families who have recently had an IEP meeting for their student may have just had great conversations with their teacher about the progress of their student.

However, for many families, formal conferences are an important time to connect with your child's teacher. Regardless of how or when your conference with your child's teacher takes place, we believe it is important for all families to have intentional time to connect around your child's academic, social, and emotional progress at school.

Formal conferences will happen the evenings of Wednesday, October 20th and Thursday, October 21st. Due to current layers of protection in 27J Schools, these will be virtual conferences. More details about how to sign up and participate in conferences will be coming soon!

Polar Bears of the Week

Each week, one student at each grade level is selected by staff to recognize for living our CHILL Key of the week. This week's CHILL Key of the week was Leadership. Our Polar Bears of the Week are:

Preschool: Oscar Santos Divas

Kindergarten: Rylee Osborne

1st Grade: Karli Fulk

2nd Grade: Analeah Ramos

3rd Grade: Frenanda Romero

4th Grade: Addison Rieman

5th Grade: Nevaeh Martinez

Next week's CHILL Key of the week will be Courage! Courage includes standing up for what's right, taking intentional and positive risks like sharing in class or helping a friend, and helping others in need!

Big picture

Padilla Community Needs Assessment

Please take a moment to complete our Community Needs Assessment from our School Counselor, Ms. A! This form will help us help you better!

Fastest Class at Padilla!

This past week, PE teacher Mr. Dinkel has been determining the fastest class at Padilla! The class that averaged the greatest number of laps around the gym per student for 5 minutes was Mrs. McGann's class! Congratulations to Mrs. McGann's class!

Next PTO Meeting

Our next PTO meeting will be on Tuesday, September 21st from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM in the Learning Commons. During that meeting we will be discussing some initial structures for PTO based on feedback from the first meeting and from staff at Padilla. And, most excitingly, we will starting planning for a Halloween event!

Clothing Donations Needed!

Our Health Clinic is in need of NEW clothing donations of all sizes for both boys and girls. We are in need of underwear, pants, and shirts for students whose clothing becomes soiled or damaged while at school. If you are able to help us, please bring any donations into our main office. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Community Partnerships!

We are incredibly lucky to have partnerships in our community who help support Padilla! Three businesses have programs set up to helps us! Please be sure to check the links below for details about how to support Padilla through these businesses!

King Soopers Community Rewards

King Soopers Community Rewards - Link your rewards card to Padilla and a portion of every purchase will be donated to Padilla!

American Furniture Warehouse Partnership

American Furniture Warehouse Partnership - Mention Padilla Elementary School when shopping at AFW and they will donate 2-4% of the purchase to Padilla!

Longmont Dairy Farm Milk Caps for Mooola

Longmont Dairy Farm Milk Caps for Mooola provides 5 cents to Padilla for every bottle cap that you turn into the school from one of their products. Just drop off your caps in a sealed plastic bag to the main office!

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Check out breakfast and lunch menus below!

Please note that, due to product availability shortages, there may be last minute substitutions to nutrition services menus from time to time.

Adult Learning

This week teachers engaged in our first learning walks at Padilla! The learning walks provided staff with an opportunity to go into each other's classrooms to see things in a new way and learn from their colleagues and our students. Our job as educators is to be the very best we can be for our students and the learning walks are designed to do just that. By seeing teaching and learning happening in the moment teachers were able to reflect on their own practice and gain new insights and ideas for their instruction. We also invited student voice into this process by asking a few students from each class their thoughts and feelings about instruction here at Padilla. Our students were open and honest with us about what works for them and what doesn't in regards to their learning. Every single teacher walked out of the debrief excited to try something that they learned from their colleague and our students. By creating an environment of learn-and-help-learn we are providing each other with opportunities to build and strengthen our beliefs around student learning at Padilla.