Fort Martin Scott

By Elizabeth, Josie, Sydney,and Efrain


  • Fort Martin Scott consisted of a complex of twenty-one buildings, some of which have been restored.

  • They used to have Comanche powwows in honor of the treaty not being broken, up until a few years ago with the city banned it.

  • Originally called camp Houston for about a year.

  • It was designated a Texas historic land mark in 1936.

  • It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.


  1. Fort Martin Scott was established as Camp Houston on December 5, 1848.
  2. The German settlers in Fredericksburg had established a lasting treaty with the local Comanches in 1847.
  3. The Eighth Military Department renamed the camp in December 1849 for Maj. Martin Scott (Fifth United States Infantry), who was killed at the battle of Molina del Rey in 1847.
  4. The influx of new settlers, soldiers, and other whites traversing the range led to the brink of open warfare in 1850.
  5. The Eighth Military Department ordered that Fort Martin Scott close in December 1853.
  6. By the end of 1866 the fort was finally abandoned by military units.


With the green tendrils of spring your friends decided they wanted to hind some trinkets for people to find. These four friends enjoyed world travel and hoped to see more of the world in the future. With this knowledge in mind we decided to theme our trinkets around world travel. We brought together everything we have found during our travels to create trinkets we believed to be interesting and somewhat important to the culture that they represent.