Lewis and Clark Library

The Month That Was...November 2013


  • Page Turner's Book Club is in full swing for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and their siblings. Several kids have become Master Book Reviewers and have earned the honor of checking out 8 books each time they come to the library. Check out our Lewis and Clark Reads blog to see some of those book reviews. Who knows, you may find a book meant just for you.
  • Storytelling Club kiddos are working on their stories so they can tell them to the first and second grade students who attend Reading Adventure Night in January.
  • Kindergarten students can easily log on to the computer now. Soon we will start researching using computer and print resources. All kindergarten students will be participating in a project that links them with other kindergarten students in the district. We will be working on our wondering and questioning skills.
  • First and Second graders are rock star note takers and will be using what they learned about an animal to determine what animal would win in a fight. We are using the framework from the "Who Will Win" books to put our critical thinking skills to work.
  • Third, fourth, and fifth graders have decided on their first genius hour projects, created an agenda for their learning, and have started the hard work ahead of them. This is a learning process where there will certainly be failures but we will become better learners as we work through those failures.

By The Numbers...

  • Materials Circulated: 7,104
  • Classes Taught: 108
  • Page Turner Attendance: 197
  • Storytelling Attendance: 122
  • MT Qualifiers 4th grade: 36
  • MT Qualifiers 5th grade: 41
  • KC3 Qualifiers: 66
  • Above & Beyond Readers: 75