Angry Birds Warfare

The fun new board game

The Problem,Idea,and What

I enjoy playing Angry Birds 2 on my iPad, but I've always wanted to play Angry Birds against someone else because I thought it would be fun to play against someone,and there's an app called Angry Bird Friends that lets me do that.Unfortunately, it turns out that I needed a Facebook account,and I don't have one so I thought,why not just make a board game!It would be the same thing,only a board game,and I wouldn't have to worry about a Facebook account,or low Wi-Fi or other problems my iPad might have!So that's when Angry Birds Warfare came into my mind.


I also thought that the Rovio Entertainment Company could buy this product,then sell them to a lot of people!They did make the Angry Birds franchise,so it would boost the Angry Birds popularity!

Don't want to waste money?Don't worry about it,it's only $5.00!

Above are materials you need for the game that will be provided in the box

Thank you for your time

If you have any questions,comments,or concerns about Angry Birds Warfare,then please feel free to share them with my partner John and I.I don't own any of the pictures used in this presentation.
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Above is a drawing I made of the board game.