Mini project.

What is the Atmosphere

The atmosphere is a protective outer layer to the earth made up of primarily green house gasses that shields us from the harmful radiation of space. In some cases can protect the earth from foreign unwanted objects like small meteorites. it is important to us personally because without it our earth has no air and we cant live. But we are currently stuck in a dangerous crisis

Climate Change

Some people say that climate change isn't real (I'm looking at you Ted Cruise) or even more concerning isn't a real problem. but i attest otherwise.

Why are we in danger

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) encasing the earth in harmful factory substances that is not at all safe for human consumption. we are currently releasing way more than the safe limit. these can raise the temperature of the earth and make storm and natural disasters way worse.
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Parts of the atmosphere


The lowest of the atmospheric that extends to about 6.7 miles up. Weather is found in the clouds here, the only life forms can be found here, small insignificantly tiny micro organisms.


The layer where air begins to thin about 32 miles up.


From 32 to 50 miles up. Weather Balloons may be found here, most meteors burn to a crisp here


This take up 50 to 73 miles up. and is were the actions with photons creating the northern lights occur


Technically where space begins. and were most satellites are
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How does this sphere interact with other sphers

the Hydrosphere witch is basically an amalgamation of all water sources on earth , fuels , and is fueled by the atmospheres and its ability to deposit water in different locations on earth.