Digital dossier

Your digital dossier is made before your even born

Why you should pay more attention on what your posting online

You should pay more attention because for one, too much information like your phone number, your address and your school name is bad to put online because people can just figure out where you live what your phone number is and can come to your school. Second it goes on your digital dossier, everything you post goes on your dossier and third, "everything goes online stays online" so everything you post stays online even if you delete it, it will still be on the internet.

What you can do to make sure things you post online are safe

First make sure that anything you post is not private information like, phone number, address and etc. Remember what you post goes on your digital dossier, so if you don't want something on your dossier then don't post it. Third, if something you don't want to post online but at the same time you do want to post it, think for and minute or so of if you actually should or not.

digital dossier

So lets get into what and how a digital dossier works. What a digital dossier is? it is a culmination of all the pictures, text messages, videos, tweets and a lot more stuff you post online. that all goes on your digital dossier. it's like leaving a ton of tracks behind in the snow or mud but instead the tracks are digital, so the tracks are online. How does a digital dossier work? All the digital posts you post on the internet goes to your digital dossier and even if you delete the posts there still on your dossier.

hope this helped you what a digital dossier is, how a dossier works and how to stay safe online