Whitney Guarantees Musket Supply

Will His Interchangeable Parts Lead America's New Future?

10,000 Muskets

Eli Whitney headed to Washington D.C. this week to boast his claim that he can build at least 10,000 muskets over the next two years to supply the United States Army. Mr. Whitney and his team have remained tight-lipped about their proposal, but The North and South Times have discovered he is planning to incorporate a new technology that will allow him to make musket parts that can be used interchangeably.

Mr. Whitney claims his "interchangeable parts" idea will revolutionalize America and put the country on the fast track to domination. President John Adams is entertaining the idea, but remains skeptical at this point. A demonstration has been scheduled for the 3rd of March at 2:00pm for President Adams and various members of congress and the military.

The North and South Times