1. Health In The Middle Ages

hint. It wasn't very good

2. Middle Ages

A thousand year period following the fall of Rome.

2. Bloodletting

Is a process where you stab yourself to bleed out "humors" or illnesses.

2. Humors

Are said to represent the four elements of the universe Fire=yellow bile or choler; water=phlegm; earth=black bile; air=blood. (learner.org)

3. Barbers

These people were barbers that would preform surgery without anesthesia a medical medicine used to put people to sleep during surgery. (learner.org)

3. Doctors

These people were a big help until the Black Death struck they would give you medial help and medicine,but would not preform surgery.

3. Coroners' Rolls

were people who help people make medical judgements without needing an expert on sickness.


Medicine was often a risky business. Bloodletting was a popular method of restoring a patient's health and "humors." Early surgery, often done by barbers without anesthesia, must have been excruciating.


There were many myths and superstitions about health and hygiene as there still are today. People believed, for example, that disease was spread by bad odors. It was also assumed that diseases of the body resulted from sins of the soul.


What were barber's job in medical help?


What were humors supposed to represent?


This makes me think that surgery was horrible to sit through there were no anesthetics, And surgery was preformed by a barber which would mean that it was unprofessional and unsafe but it worked.

8. Chris Ginn 1st period