The Prugh Crew

Week of March 17th

Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

won't, think, don't, clock, say, day, play, brain, plain, train

word family: -ain and -ay (long a)

grammar: adjectives


We will begin our author study of Doreen Cronin this week. Using her books, we will make text to self and text to text connections about life on a farm.


Students will use the power of persuasion to write a persuasive letter to a farmer from the point of view of an animal on the farm.


I will introduce 3D shapes this week. We will also take our math district assessment.


We will learn about light and magnification this week.


Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day - wear green day!

Mar 18 Chick-fil-A Night (1st grade hosting)

April 1 4th grade STAAR Writing Day 1 *

5th grade STAAR Math *

April 2 4th grade STAAR Writing Day 2 *

5th grade STAAR Reading *

**We are a closed campus on STAAR days - no visitors or volunteers.

Volunteers Needed for Lunch Duty 10:15-10:45am

**Please sign up if you can. 1st grade teachers would love your help!

My duty day is Tuesday and there are many available in MARCH!

iStation: please have your student login 30 minutes per week

username: s+student ID number

password: student ID number

Practice Math on - email me if you need the password

Bring a water bottle and a dry, healthy snack each day.

We have PE - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please wear appropriate footwear!

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