Collins Elementary

Daily BULLetin!

WHO's not here today?

Geena Ramage in for Haarberg (long term)
Tina Conradi in for Marie Pereira
Jaime Rowland in for Reed
Marsha Bowling in for Donahue
Seilhamer in for Muse (long term)
Cynthia Frohlich in for Madden
Melisa Lynch in for Seever


Dates on the Horizon... So you're in the KNOW!


21st- Collins Caring Companion Breakfast & AR STORE

25th- District Governor's Cup (FPS and Writing)

1st- District Governor's Cup @ Collins!!!
3-7- Book Fair
6th- Book Fair and Literacy Game Night combined 6:30-8:30 PM
12th & 13th- Talent show rehearsals
21st- TALENT SHOW???? Tenative....
31st- 5th grade Dollars and Sense in the GYM

4th- Risk Watch Post tests due to FRC


Pair ELL students with a reading buddy, a writing buddy, and/or a language buddy.

(The ELL student can also be a literacy buddy for a younger student.)

Two heads are better than one!

Heads Up...

Just a reminder that there will be Sheriffs walking around to get a feel for the building. It's part of an initiative that the department is doing with the schools. No need to be alarmed!

Anthony has a Filing cabinet that is Free to a Good home. Please let him know if you are interested in it ASAP- first come first serve!

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