Digital Learning Competencies

What are the Digital Learning Competencies?

NC Digital Learning Competencies outline skills that teachers and leaders should integrate into their classrooms to create digital learning environments. The competencies are focused around leadership in digital learning, digital citizenship, digital content and instruction, and data and assessment.

Leadership in Digital Learning

  • Teachers will demonstrate leadership in accelerating their integration of digital teaching and learning pedagogies.

Digital Citizenship

  • Teachers will model and teach digital citizenship by the ethical, respectful, and safe use of digital tools and resources that support the creation of a positive digital school culture.

Digital Content and Instruction

  • Teachers will know and use appropriate digital tools and resources for instruction.

Data and Assessment

  • Teachers will use technology to make data more accessible, adjust instruction to better meet the needs of a diverse learner population, and reflect upon their practice through consistent, effective use of assessment.

For a full list and description of the Digital Learning Competencies, check out the links below in the Resource Links section.

Why Do I Care?

The Digital Learning Competencies became part of state law and went into effect July 2017. Teachers who are renewing their license on or after June 30, 2019 must have 3 CEUs in their Academic Subject Area, 3 Literacy CEUs and 2 CEUs in Digital Learning Competencies. These competencies are tied to your evaluation and you will need to look for professional development opportunities aligned to these competencies to earn CEUs towards your licensure renewal.