The Printing Press

By: Jheri White

The First printing press was invented in 1452 by a German metalworker his name was Johann Gutenberg, he did not invent the printing press but he changed the technology of it.

(The Printing Press and Its "impact" on Literacy")

In 1493, Columbus sent a letter to Lisbon, he wrote about the success of his voyage. His letter was issued across many countries, like western Europe, France, Italy, and many others. Today their is no more than 80 copies of His letter.(The Diffusion of Columbus's letter through Europe 1493-1497)

From 1450 to 1500, the printing press diffused to all over Europe. In the 1500 their was over 200 printing presses all over Europe. (The Impact of Movable Type Printing Press)

The printing press was an asset to education back in then, their was a greater relationship between the educator and the student. (The Printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy)