by:Isaac Nevarez

Country basics

Name of country:Turkmenistan

Capital of country:Ashgabat

Flag meaning:The flag means Islam and a famous carpet industry

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Turkmenistan is in Asia and Iran,Afghanistan,and Uzbekistan surround Turkmenistan.

One major land form is the Door to Hell and, one landmark is Kunya Urgench. A body of water is the Caspian sea.People live in mostly a desert so they depend on the sides of the country to get water.


Turkmenistan's government is limited government.

Terkmenistan's leader is Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov.

How the leaders are chosen is by the people.

The citizens have a lot of freedom and can not be punished unless they disobey the laws.


The GDP for the nation is rich.

type of money look below

main export: cotton,gas,fuel

life expectancy: 65.31 years

birth rate: 1,000 at midyear

literacy rate: 99.6 can read and write

water source: Caspian sea

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The clothing they wear have a lot of red and decorative designs.

Their language is Latin.

The majority of citizens practice Muslim and they believe in one god called Allah. Their holy

book is the Qur'an.

A popular dish is Pilav; it is a lamb rice dish.


The general weather condition is sunny because it is not surrounded by water and most of it is desert.

The average yearly rainfall is in April and, the average yearly temperature is 61.

The water effects the weather so it does not rain that much. Also the country is mostly desert so it gets hot.


Turkmenistan was conquered and then divided into 2. After 8 centuries they reformed and, became Turkmenistan.

Russia cut off Turkmenistan's pipeline for gas. Then Turkmenistan got a new pipeline with Iran. At that time Turkmenistan started restricting the rights for ethnic Russian citizens angering Russia.

Compare And Contract

Turkmenistan's language is different from the U.S. The U.S language is English and, Turkmenistan's language is Latin. The U.S also learned it differently but, we use some Latin words. When we speak they sound similar for some words.

Turkmenistan's economy looks different and, uses different language than the U.S economy. The money can also be worth the same thing and, can use the same color.