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January 15, 2014

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Danita Russell


Twitter: @Danitar

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Benchmarks, Finals, and Tests oh my!

It's that time again when we are assessing our student's learning. Benchmarks were given last week (thank you for being patient with SchoolNet even when it wasn't working!), finals are this week, and elementary assessment have begun. Good luck to our students as this is an extremely stressful time for them.

I know you don't need a reminder, but we have a holiday on Monday and a workday on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend and remember to breathe - Spring Break is coming!

Until next time ~ Danita

Upcoming Technology Dates


January 15 - Website Development - cancelled because of testing

January 17 - Gaggle Internet Safety due


January 16 - URCast with Amy Thomas (please bring your LAPTOP)

January 17 - Gaggle Internet Safety due

Things to make you go hmmmm.....

  • The loudest land animal is the Howler monkey whose deep growls can travel up to 3 miles in the forest.
  • At 188 decibels, the Blue whale is the loudest mammal of all with its deep sound traveling hundreds of miles across the deep oceans.
  • The only state in the U.S that grows coffee beans is Hawaii in what’s known locally as the Kona district. Hawaiians usually call coffee Kope and hawaiian coffee is some of the most expensive in the world.
  • England is smaller than the state of Florida by 15,409 square miles.
  • USGA regulation golf balls have 336 dimples which add turbulence for more distance.
  • The Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil. To make 1 pound of honey, bees would have to visit over 2 million flowers.
  • The Oilbird (oil bird) is the loudest bird with it’s high pitched clicking sounds.
  • According to a new study, next day soreness after hard work or exercising can be greatly reduced by drinking watermelon juice prior. Watermelon juice is rich in amino acid.
  • It takes about 7 strawberries to equal the amount of vitamin C in one orange about 3 inches in diameter.
  • The very first food eaten by a U.S astronaut in outer space was applesauce.
  • Did you know that the very first lemon seeds were brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus?
  • A Clark’s Nutcracker (bird) can store up to 30,000 pine nuts for the winter in over 6,000 different locations across 300 square miles and remember where at least 70% of them are, finding them even if they’re snow covered. Special thanks to the visitor who pointed out a spelling error on this interesting fact.

Teacher Spotlight - Debra Bullard, Greenwood

I am Debra Bullard and teach fourth grade, all subjects. Next year I plan to loop (once again) to fifth grade with my students.

This is my 16th year in education.

The most exciting new technologies I've tried in my classroom this year are Reflex Math and Lymboo Math. I was fortunate to be awarded a grant for Reflex Math, a fluency program in all four operations. Lymboo Math is for advanced students, but is used with everyone in my class. Students take a diagnostic test and are placed in various stages. They work at their own pace and the program gives great feedback on progress. Math is my passion.

If I were Queen of the World for a day and could change ANYTHING in education, I would ensure that those people who make all the Legislative decisions and laws for education actually understand the repercussions of their decisions. They could come and spend a day - or two, with me and I would truly give them an education......

Everything Google

100 Important Google Drive Tips for Teachers and Students

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Where can I find more information?

Thank you Chelsea McCarthy for suggesting this site!