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Codebreaker is a computer software firm created by recent college graduates. We are a partnership composed of a handful of friends. We went through the highest levels of computer programming classes and upon graduation created Codebreaker.
Our members are peerless at programming, unmatched in deciphering and writing encryptions, unbeatable at designing and building hardware. We have also partnered with a wealthy investor who is assisting in getting us on our feet.
Our business runs smoothly. As all of us partners have been friends throughout college, we rarely disagree. We all know each other and the best ways of writing, encrypting, and deciphering code. Business disputes will be rare and our rates are affordable, because we are in it to help people while at the same time using what we love: computers. We are not in it for the money.

Codebreaker's employees will work in the best of conditions. Salaries are good, access to necessary equipment is instantaneous, and we advocate a collaborative work environment. If workers find our business does not provide the ideal job experience, they will have the opportunity to voice their opinions. Codebreaker has a open labor union. We feel this is the best option as it gives our employees a voice, while not limiting job offers to those already in the union and not forcing new employees to be a part of something they do not wish to be.

Computers are our passion, but we also have a love and appreciation of our beautiful planet, and we intend to contribute to the conservation and betterment of this planet. Our technologies are cutting-edge, using less rare and valuable resources such as gold, silver, platinum, silicon, and other non-renewable resources. Codebreaker is an eco-friendly company. All our data is stored in the cloud; no paper, no forests needlessly cleared. We live in a time of rapidly advancing technology, and we believe innovations should be used not only to create better lives for people, but also to help preserve the lives and environments of our wonderful earth.
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