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Your Weekly Update on Hewitt-Trussville Athletics 11/30/2021

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Girls Flag Football: Championship Game Information

Photo Cred: Shawn Bowles

Hewitt-Trussville Girls Flag Football will play in the inaugural championship game on December 1. See the title game information below:

Who: Hewitt-Trussville Girls Flag Football vs Smiths Station

What: AHSAA Girls Flag Football Championship Game

When: Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 3pm

Where: Protective Stadium in downtown Birmingham (1020 24th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203)


All tickets to the championship game will be digital. Fans are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets via GoFan. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased from the link below:

Online tickets priced at $10 will be available on GoFan until 11:59pm on Tuesday November 30.

Beginning December 1, tickets will be $15 plus fees due to the Ticketmaster contract with Protective Stadium.

Broadcast Information:

WOTM television workign with the NFHS Network will be carrying each Super 7 championship game live.

All Super 7 fan parking, around the city of Birmingham and Protective Stadium will be on a first-come, first serve basis and no shuttle services will be utilized in 2021.

Blazer Walk:

All teams participating in the Super 7 event will take part in the "Blazer Walk" as they enter the stadium. The Huskies will walk at 2:05pm. All parents, students, band members, cheerleaders, etc. are encouraged to line up in front of the South Gate for Blazer Walk as the team enters the stadium.


Hewitt-Trussville will be the visiting team and Smiths Station will be the home team.

Fan Sections:

Hewitt-Trussville fans will sit on the East side of Protective Stadium.

HT Band:

The Hewitt-Trussville Band will be in section 128 for the game.

Super 7 Information:
Please select the link below for additional Super 7 information:

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Wrestling Goes Unbeaten to Win Thanksgiving Event

Hewitt-Trussville Wrestling went a perfect 5-0 on Wednesday to win the Patrick Aaron Memorial Duals. The event was held inside Bryant Bank Arena on the HTHS campus.

The Huskies began the event with a dominating 74-6 win over Auburn. Next, HT beat Daphne 58-18. In the third dual of the day, the Huskies beat 7A foe Oak Mountain 57-18. The Huskies closed pool play with a 67-6 win over Thompson.

In the championship match, the Huskies picked up 10 wins in 14 matches to beat Arab 46-18. The Huskies will be back in action after the Thanksgiving break when they travel to Mountain Brook for a dual on November 30.

HT results from the Patrick Aaron Memorial Duals:

Match #1 Round 1

Hewitt-Trussville defeated Auburn 74-6

  • 106 - Clark Box (Hewitt-Trussville) over Graves Garner (Auburn) Fall 2:00
  • 113 - Bradley Hastings (Hewitt-Trussville) over Levi Benefield (Auburn) TF 15-0
  • 120 - Chris Weaver (Hewitt-Trussville) over Cale Garner (Auburn) Fall 0:55
  • 126 - Dalton Zimmerman (Hewitt-Trussville) over David Carpenter (Auburn) Inj 1:18
  • 132 - Layton Towery (Auburn) over Sean Barnes (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 1:03
  • 138 - Thomas Shaffer (Hewitt-Trussville) over Isaiah Watts (Auburn) Fall 4:49
  • 145 - Logan Reaves (Hewitt-Trussville) over Micah Anderson (Auburn) Fall 0:34
  • 152 - Lucas Reaves (Hewitt-Trussville) over Shawn Mcgowin (Auburn) Fall 4:21
  • 160 - Andrew Shelton (Hewitt-Trussville) over Christian Freeman (Auburn) Fall 1:21
  • 170 - Luke Golden (Hewitt-Trussville) over David Holloway (Auburn) Fall 1:25
  • 182 - Cameron Cantwell (Hewitt-Trussville) over Miles Ballard (Auburn) Fall 5:31
  • 195 - Hunter Jones (Hewitt-Trussville) over Sungbin Lee (Auburn) Fall 2:34
  • 220 - Chris Hawkins (Hewitt-Trussville) over Omarion Jenkins (Auburn) Fall 2:34
  • 285 - Colby Little (Hewitt-Trussville) over Kyle King (Auburn) Dec 2-1

Match #2 Round 2

Hewitt-Trussville defeated Daphne 58-18

  • 113 - Bradley Hastings (Hewitt-Trussville) over Ethan Curry (Daphne) Fall 1:05
  • 120 - Alton Lucas (Hewitt-Trussville) over Max Malkowski (Daphne) Fall 3:38
  • 126 - Dalton Zimmerman (Hewitt-Trussville) over Toby Hymel (Daphne) Maj 16-3
  • 132 - Zack Smith (Daphne) over Sean Barnes (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 1:35
  • 138 - Delvecchio Alston (Hewitt-Trussville) over Tyson Stanley (Daphne) Fall 5:04
  • 145 - Jacob Triplett (Hewitt-Trussville) over Owen Eiland (Daphne) Dec 11-6
  • 152 - Lucas Reaves (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 160 - Nathanael Powers (Daphne) over Austin Smith (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 3:40
  • 170 - Andrew Shelton (Hewitt-Trussville) over Ethan Lassere (Daphne) Dec 7-5
  • 182 - Cameron Cantwell (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 195 - Hunter Jones (Hewitt-Trussville) over John Slimon (Daphne) Fall 1:24
  • 220 - Chris Hawkins (Hewitt-Trussville) over Maxwell Jenkins (Daphne) Fall 1:12
  • 285 - Tyler Durant (Daphne) over Colby Little (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 2:15
  • 106 - Clark Box (Hewitt-Trussville) over Ryan Rosario (Daphne) Fall 2:15

Match #3 Round 4

Hewitt-Trussville defeated Oak Mountain 57-18

  • 126 - Kirk Smitherman (Oak Mountain) over Dalton Zimmerman (Hewitt-Trussville) Dec 5-3
  • 132 - Austin Buird (Oak Mountain) over Sean Barnes (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 1:08
  • 138 - Thomas Shaffer (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 145 - Logan Reaves (Hewitt-Trussville) over Aden Miller (Oak Mountain) Fall 4:35
  • 152 - Lucas Reaves (Hewitt-Trussville) over Conner Roberts (Oak Mountain) Fall 1:59
  • 160 - Andrew Shelton (Hewitt-Trussville) over Caleb Price (Oak Mountain) Fall 0:41
  • 170 - Luke Golden (Hewitt-Trussville) over Zach Hauck (Oak Mountain) Dec 18-17
  • 182 - Luke Bearden (Oak Mountain) over Cameron Cantwell (Hewitt-Trussville) Dec 8-3
  • 195 - Hunter Jones (Hewitt-Trussville) over Sam Reid (Oak Mountain) Fall 1:08
  • 220 - Chris Hawkins (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 285 - Nicolaus Rigdon (Oak Mountain) over Colby Little (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 0:19
  • 106 - Clark Box (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 113 - Bradley Hastings (Hewitt-Trussville) over Landon Marriner (Oak Mountain) Fall 1:50
  • 120 - Chris Weaver (Hewitt-Trussville) over Camden Tipton (Oak Mountain) Fall 2:53

Match #4 Round 5

Hewitt-Trussville defeated Thompson HS 67-6

  • 132 - Dalton Zimmerman (Hewitt-Trussville) over Tyler Johnson (Thompson HS) Dec 9-4
  • 138 - Delvecchio Alston (Hewitt-Trussville) over Caleb Mason (Thompson HS) Fall 2:00
  • 145 - Josue Serrato (Thompson HS) over Jacob Triplett (Hewitt-Trussville) Dec 9-3
  • 152 - Austin Smith (Hewitt-Trussville) over Ethan Carter (Thompson HS) Maj 13-1
  • 160 - Andrew Shelton (Hewitt-Trussville) over Paxton Miller (Thompson HS) Fall 0:55
  • 170 - Luke Golden (Hewitt-Trussville) over Lashavis Godfrey-jackson (Thompson HS) Fall 3:06
  • 182 - Cameron Cantwell (Hewitt-Trussville) over William Holdbrooks (Thompson HS) Fall 0:51
  • 195 - Hunter Jones (Hewitt-Trussville) over Avery Clark (Thompson HS) Fall 4:37
  • 220 - Chris Hawkins (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 285 - Colby Little (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 106 - Clark Box (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 113 - Bradley Hastings (Hewitt-Trussville) over Xander Adelberg (Thompson HS) Fall 1:37
  • 120 - Jordan Weltzin (Thompson HS) over Alton Lucas (Hewitt-Trussville) Dec 8-2
  • 126 - Chris Weaver (Hewitt-Trussville) over Henry Betke (Thompson HS) Fall 3:38

Match #5 1st Place Match

Hewitt-Trussville defeated Arab 46-18

  • 138 - Thomas Shaffer (Hewitt-Trussville) over Austin Silva (Arab) Maj 19-10
  • 145 - Logan Reaves (Hewitt-Trussville) over Dakoda Long (Arab) Fall 1:02
  • 152 - Lucas Reaves (Hewitt-Trussville) over Joshua Roe (Arab) Dec 10-5
  • 160 - Andrew Shelton (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 170 - Kaden King (Arab) over Luke Golden (Hewitt-Trussville) Dec 8-5
  • 182 - Jackson Harris (Arab) over Cameron Cantwell (Hewitt-Trussville) Dec 5-2
  • 195 - Hunter Jones (Hewitt-Trussville) over Caleb Roe (Arab) Dec 3-1
  • 220 - Chris Hawkins (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 285 - Conner Knighten (Arab) over Colby Little (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 1:07
  • 106 - Clark Box (Hewitt-Trussville) over Colby Silva (Arab) Dec 8-2
  • 113 - Bradley Hastings (Hewitt-Trussville) over Jacob Culler (Arab) Dec 6-1
  • 120 - Cabe Dunn (Arab) over Alton Lucas (Hewitt-Trussville) Fall 3:45
  • 126 - Chris Weaver (Hewitt-Trussville) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 132 - Sean Barnes (Hewitt-Trussville) over Caden Hilyer (Arab) Fall 1:03

Photo Cred: Ashton Gay

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Basketball Prepares for Road Swing This Week

Hewitt-Trussville Basketball will play three games away from home this week. The Huskies will travel to Oak Mountain on Tuesday night. This weekend, the Huskies will play a Friday night game at Opelika and a Saturday contest at Auburn.

The HT Girls are on a three game winning streak, while the HT Boys are coming off an overtime win over Dothan.

Link to HT Girls Basketball schedule/results:

Link to HT Boys Basketball schedule/results:

Photo Cred: Amy Blount

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Bowling Readies for Busy Week

Hewitt-Trussville Bowling will compete in Region matches over the next three days. On Tuesday, the Huskies will host Gardendale. The HT Boys and HT Girls won the previous meeting with the Rockets this season. On Wednesday, the Huskies will travel to take on Southside-Gadsden. Finally on Thursday, Coach Tommy Abney's team will host Huffman for a double header.

Link to HT Varsity Boys schedule:

Link to HT Varsity Girls schedule:

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Cyber Monday Sale Runs Through Tuesday Night!

Hewitt-Trussville merchandise on the BSN Sideline Store is 25% off through Tuesday November 30 at 11:59pm. Please use the code CYBER21 at checkout. Support the Huskies and cross off items on your Christmas wish list!

A portion of all sales benefits Hewitt-Trussville Athletics.

Select the link below to access the HT Sideline Store:

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HT Amazon Store Now Open!

Hewitt-Trussville Athletics has launched its new online Amazon store! Fans can purchase HT items such as backpacks, blankets, pillows, baby items, and much more!

A portion of all sales benefits Hewitt-Trussville Athletics. Select the link below to access the HT Amazon store:

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2021-2022 Student Athletic Passes Still Available

In an effort to increase our fan base and make game attendance more affordable, Student Athletic Passes will be available for the fourth consecutive year. With this pass, students will be able to enter ALL HTMS and HTHS home regular season sporting events. The pass is $25 and will be digital for the 2021-2022 school year. Passes can be purchased via the link at the bottom of the Q&A.


Q. What is the purpose of the Student Athletic Pass?

A. The Student Athletic Pass will be available to ALL students in the district (K-12). Our goal is to make it easier and more affordable for students to attend Hewitt-Trussville sporting events.

Q. What can I attend with this pass?

A. Students that have their pass can enter ALL HTMS and HTHS home regular season sporting events. Every sport! For the entire 2021-2022 school year!

Q. How much does this pass cost?

A. The Student Athletic Pass is $25

Q. How do I purchase a Student Athletic Pass?

A. Passes are digital and can be purchased through the schools' GoFan page. A link is provided at the bottom of this Q&A.

When purchasing your Student Athletic Pass, it is recommended that you use the “Students personal email” when setting up the account during the purchase process. To access the mobile pass for entry into events, you will need to go to on your mobile device or download the GoFan app, and login with the email and password that you used during time of purchase. The pass will be in the “Tickets” section. The pass will be validated just like a mobile ticket is done on GoFan. If you have multiple students purchasing passes, we recommend that you purchase them one at a time, and create an account for each student so that they can access their pass with their own email and password (pass transfer functionality will be available closer to the season).

If you are a parent purchasing a pass for a student that does not have a mobile device, you can do so using your personal email address to setup the account and you may present your child’s pass on your own device for entry into events.

Q. Do students with a Student Athletic Pass still need to buy a ticket?

A. No. The Student Athletic Pass is good for admission to ALL HTMS and HTHS regular season home games. Tickets will need to be purchased for playoff games only.

Q, Are there any other perks to purchasing the Student Athletic Pass?

A. Yes! Our card sponsor Tula J Boutique offers 15% off regularly priced items. This is a great bonus to purchasing the card!

Link below to purchase a Student Athletic Pass:

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MS Wrestling Goes Undefeated at Thanksgiving Duals

HTMS Wrestling went a perfect 3-0 on November 23 at the TMS Thanksgiving Duals.

The Huskies opened the event with a 66-18 win over Helena. These Huskies won their match:

Nathan Mullinax, Eli Abney, Judson Howard, Brady Ryan, Preston Bozeman, Ian Hodgin, Trip Cole, Joshua Moore, Zane Jones, Camden Hanks, Austin Lewallen, and Matthw Dobbins.

Next, the Huskies took down Pelham Park 60-27. These Huskies were victorious:

Gavin Bittle, Nathan Mullinax, Brady Ryan, Ian Hodgin, Kaden Turman, Ryder Gray, Braxton Reaves, Joshua Moore, Zane Jones, and Camden Hanks.

Finally, the Huskies defeated Pizitz 64-19. These Huskies won their match:

Nathan Mullinax, Eli Abney, Parker Krayer, Brady Ryan, Preston Bozeman, Ian Hodgin, Kaden Turman, Trip Cole, Braxton Reaves, Jeff Barnes, and Camden Hanks.

Select the link below for full results:

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8th Grade Girls Basketball Wins

The 8th Grade HTMS Girls Basketball team picked up a win on Monday night as they defeated Bragg 26-25. Rachel Purnell led the Huskies with 16 points. Natalie Dummitt chipped in eight points as well.

The Huskies will be on the road again later this week as they travel to Clay-Chalkville.

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Don't Miss the Huskies

Select the link below for the master athletics schedule for the next seven days!

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