Hi Guys!! I'm trying to remove CTR.EXE from my PC still I get fails. My antivirus is not capable to remove it. Friends, it has created so many issues in my PC and I'm not able to perform even a single task because of its slow performances. Also, browser behavior has get changed and keeps showing unwanted pop-ups. So, please help me in deleting this infection.

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CTR.EXE has been recently constituted as a barbarous Trojan program that silently invade into the PC without having your knowledge and till you notice, it get spread in whole PC. It is so powerful that it not only damage PC, but can also bring down you in a great trouble by violating your privacy to cyber crooks. CTR.EXE cruelly trace your online doings and can collect many of your personal and private data including browsing history, most used search queries, financial information, identity, etc. This threat mostly target to the window based operating system and totally mess up it. It hide its code deep inside the operating system and disable windows firewall to prevent itself from real time detection so that it can stay without any risk of detection.

Further, CTR.EXE is capable to hit system registry entries and put its entry to kernel files that help its code to get loaded automatically each time when windows boot up eating up huge resources that decrease the PC's operative efficiency. Also, it may throw some errors like file missing, program running errors, constant system freezes/crashes, system boot failure, blue screen, etc while launching any program installed on your computer. Apart this, it reset all the settings of the browser and can allows other distrustful threat to get install into the computer. So it is highly advisable to remove CTR.EXE from computer as quick as possible in order to stay away from all such issues. Regarding this purpose, visit