The Paper Waver

"Handy" for your daily needs

So..... What is it?

The Paper Waver is an enhance, futuristic Kobus* reader that has a mechanical hand attached to it. It is fully compatible with the average binder wether its that big fat yet soft ones (like the one we used in the commercial ((watch ON TV or on www.the or the average binder. It is solar powered so it is very eco friendly.

For those who can never remember things or are to lazy to jot it down, the Paper Waver acts like an agenda so you will be reminded of upcoming tests or dates. The user will have less fails and better marks.

*(copyright issues, will explain in class)

Why is it Here?

The Paper Waver was created for the simple reason of helping more kids not fail because they couldn't find something in their binder or they forgot when or what is due. Experts found out that 20% of the reason most kids fail, is because they couldn't find an assignment in their binder. For that reason, they lose marks because apparently teachers mark that as incomplete homework. The Paper Waver prevents this excuse of making kids fail. This is very original as there is nothing like this in the market.

Who is This for?

The Paper Waver is for all ages. It helps anyone with an unorganized binder. Even so, Yellows Inc. targeted this for ages 12 - 18 because for research we did ourselves, we found out most people lose papers or are very unorganized at this age. We think this because this is around the age where parents start letting their child have more responsibility, and some may slack. The Paper Waver come in many different colors, bedazzled or non-bedazzled and grip or non-grip. There is so many option because there are many different opinions at these ages.

Hope you guys consider this!