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January 2013


I am so excited to have you all joining Origami Owl and our team very soon!! I know the wait may seem long but, as soon as you become an official Designer that time will seem like it went by SO fast! I waited 3 months so, I definitely understand the excitement and lack of patience that takes over ;)

Since the team is growing and will start growing even faster once you all begin, I thought putting together a DIW Newsletter will be helpful for you and your future DIW's. The purpose of the Newsletter is to keep you updated on the weekly waves, updates from the nest, and helpful tips to guarantee you a successful business!

Note from the Nest!!

We are thrilled to be welcoming in 2000 Designers In Waiting on Tuesday, January 8th! These Designers In Waiting will receive their customized invitation link via email tomorrow, January 8th. The invitation link will be valid through Friday, January 11th.

In addition, we have created a fabulous tool that will help current DIWs view their place on the wait list. By visiting this link and entering their DIW confirmation number, their place on the waiting list will appear on the screen.

Wishing you all the best!

Helpful tips:
  • Did you know you can sign up DIW's while you WAIT? If anyone you know is just thinking about joining, they can sign up, just like you signed up. INSTEAD of using my or your mentor's Designer ID#, you will enter your name. This helps you build your team sooner than having to wait to build your team when you are a Designer. Once you become a Designer, they will become a Designer shortly after you. They will then use your Designer ID# when they sign up OFFICIALLY. Make sure to email me their email so, we can keep them posted and informed on everything OO :)
  • Getting frustrated with waiting? Why not use this time to learn all you need to know about the business!? ;) Use this time wisely by :
~going to a Origami Owl party hosted by your mentor,
~shadow your mentor at an event,
~learn how to take orders, enter the orders,
~SAVE your money to buy the Launch Kit you want!
~ BUY items for your Jewelry Bar *photos below for Jewelry Bar inspirations* also here are 2 websites I use to purchase trays and tray inserts to display the charms, dangles, plates, and tagged items. and Other items I have found at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, etc. HAVE fun designing your Jewelry Bar!! Remember to keep it OO style ;)
~ Make sure to read up on the Policies and Procedures and the Do's
and Don'ts for a DIW. I will provide those to you who do not have it.

Looking forward to having you all join us soon and making 2013 an AMAZING year!!

Leading Designer,

Malinda Mitchell

Origami Owl Designer ~ Malinda Mitchell

Feel free to contact me or your mentor with any questions you may have!