MackinVia E-books

A Digital Resource Tool

The Advantages of Digital Books

  • Keeps the classroom library vibrant and diverse while accommodating more students
  • More bang for your buck, school's digital collection becomes part of the classroom
  • Students can choose books without fear of of judgment from others
  • Personalized reading experiences which aides in accommodating differing learners: Read-Alongs, text-to-speech, audio books, font and text size, various background colors
  • Increased value for content area classrooms - non-fiction at all levels for research and inquiry

MackinVia E-books – Logging In

VRA students and families have access to over 700 e-books to read via MackinVIA. Some books are interactive, some can be used as a read aloud, while others are simply a standard book to be read online. Some e-books are multi-user while the others are single user check-out.

Username = e-number (s-number for students)

Password = school/district log-in (animal password for students)

If you can’t log-in into your account, you can go in as a guest, don’t choose a location, username - vra and password – hawks.

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What resources are available?

E-books - 1,226 Non-Fiction 625 Fiction

  • State Awards - SSYRA, SSYRA Jr. and FRA
  • Popular Series - Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Katie Woo, Library of Doom
  • Favorite Authors - Dr. Seuss, Lisa Graff
  • Capstone Interactive - books read aloud to students

Groups of Resources

Groups of Resources - collections of eBooks I have put together based on student interests and teacher suggestions for topics of study

  • Holidays
  • Sports
  • Favorite Series
  • Digital Citizenship
  • States


  • Florida Electronic Library
  • DK Findout
  • World Book
  • History Lab

Links - we can add more

  • Epic
  • Capstone
  • TED Talks
  • Kahn Academy


  • Storyline Online book videos
  • Student Generated Videos
  • SchoolTube hosted Videos
  • Microsoft Stream hosted videos
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Online or Using the App

  • Online via your web browser - there is not an option to download
  • Via the app in Apple or Android the book can be downloaded for use offline
  • Laptop, Tablet, IPad, or cell phone

How can I use MackinVia in the classroom?

  • Whole class Read Aloud
  • Independent Reading on level
  • Guided Reading - small group instruction
  • Support Struggling Readers and ELL with Interactive and Read-Along options
  • Non-fiction Reading/Science and Social Studies instruction
  • Centers/STEAM Stations
  • Conducting Research and citing sources
  • Buddy Reading via Skype
  • Creating and Sharing Digital Stories
  • Literature Groups/Book Clubs

Why and How to Include Ebooks to Your Classroom Library

Digital Independent Reading in the Classroom

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