Northeast by Julia D.

physical and human characteristics

states in the northeast region

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode island, and Vermont. Enjoy!

Landforms of the northeast

Have you ever been to the Appalachian Mountains? It is a beautiful sight, and very fun to go explore. The northeast is very hilly, and has a high population of people. New York, one of the cities in the northeast, has the highest population of people.

Major Bodies of Water in the northeast

The major bodies of water in the northeast are Niagara Falls, Atlantic Ocean, Hudson River, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. I hope you will go and visit. Have fun learning about the northeast!


Winters are cold and snowy, falls are cool and breezy, summers are hot and sunny, springs are warm and rainy. Bad weather can occur during certain periods of the year.

Natural Resources

Forests are important because trees are used to make paper, furniture and pencils and maple syrup. Grains are used to make healthy foods, and don't forget there's more! They find stuff from underground such as granite, marble, and coal.

Jobs in the northeast

The jobs in the northeast region are farming , working at factories , New York banking , fashion , entertainment, and tourism.

Main languages spoken

There are more than 20 different languages spoken in the northeast region.


The houses are tall and not spread out because they don't have enough space in the city.

Fun facts!

The northeast was established in 1972.The northeast has 11 states. the northeast is where the 13 colonies began. There are 60 lighthouses on the coast of Maine. New York is the biggest city.


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