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October 2015

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The California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) program encourages recreational reading of popular literature among the young people of our state. Since its inception in 1974, millions of California children have nominated, read, and voted for the winners of the California Young Reader Medal. A book must be an original work of fiction published within the last five years by an author who is still living to be considered for nomination the following year. It is a two-year cycle, from the time of nomination by students to the presentation of the California Young Reader Medal to the winning authors. Books are nominated for the medal in five categories. Students may read and vote for books in any and all categories, but they MUST read all books nominated in a category to be eligible to vote. Students read the nominated books from July through March and vote for their favorites. Winning titles are announced in May.

The California School Library Association (CSLA) is one of the organizing sponsors of CYRM. School librarians and teachers throughout California promote this reading program. Ask your teacher or school librarian if he or she is participating in the program this year and if the school library has copies of the books available.

YOU could even volunteer to read a picture book a week to your child's class to help encourage participation and the joy of reading.

Primary (Grades K-2)

Read the 5 books, and then have the readers vote on his or her favorite.

Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

Read all 3 books. Then vote for your favorite.

Middle School/Junior High (Grades 6-8)

Read all 3 books. Then vote for your favorite.

Young Adult (Grades 9-12)

Read all 3 books. Then vote for your favorite.

Picture Books for Older Readers (Grades 4 and up)

Read all 3 books. Then vote for your favorite.
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