How Tobacco & Nicotine Can Harm You

Negative Effects Of Tabacco and Nicotine

How is Cancer Caused When You Smoke?

Gum cancer is caused because when you breathe in the smoke it sticks to your teeth, and once it builds up enough it starts to eats at your gums. Lung cancer is caused because when you breathe in the smoke it then travels to your lungs and starts eating at a vital jean or a protection around your lungs and once it eats all of your vital jeans it starts to eat at your lungs to then cause lung cancer.

What are Some Dangers of Secondhand Smoke?

Secondhand smoke is the smoke that comes off of the end that doesn't go in your mouth. If you are exposed to secondhand smoke you then can get cancer or diesese. You also can not eliminate second hand smoke exposure. If little kids breathe in secondhand smoke their lungs could deform.

What are Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoking?

There are a lot of harmful effects of cigarette smoking. You could have strokes at any time. You also can get any kind of diseases in your heart. Your heart also beats faster. It damages your blood vessels. You can also egg heart attacks whenever and at any time. Your breathe begins to smell and your teeth begin to fall out.
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