No Child Left Behind

Caitlin Brownlow

Basic Information

No Child Left Behind Act was signed into Law By President George W. Bush on January 8th, 2002. The main purpose of the act was to help children with disadvantages be able to have the same opportunity for education as other children.

How the topic affects schools

After the No Child Left Behind Act was passed all states had to change their curriculum to be based on the act. Children are required to take annual testing to see how they are improving periodically throughout the year. By the end of the 2006 school year teachers had to be "highly qualified" in order to continue teaching their subject.

Strategies used by schools to deal with the topic

The law allowed states to set their own annual benchmarks,provided they reached 100 percent proficiency by 2013. Some states (mostly public schools) simply refused to raise their benchmarks any further or requested waivers from the rules. Most public schools felt targeted because they would not reach their goal and get title one funding taken away. Many schools would try and meet their percentage to the best of their ability..