Spreading Awareness about Obesity

Think about what you eat

What happens with unhealthy diets?

Have you ever ate just for fun? Many things can happen with an unhealthy diet including hundreds of different diseases and plagues. If you eat unhealthy your whole life your life span is actually reduced by 20%. If you need help trying to get a healthy diet try to ask your parents to support you. Tell your parents to get on a healthy diet and tell them what you learned.

Good habits parents can teach their kids

1. They can buy healthy foods and get rid of junk food

2. They can stop eating out

3. They limit junk food to 4 a week and slowly reduce it

4. Have many different types of foods and get all food groups with each meal

5. Make sure their kids eat every meal

6. Make sure kids don't snack whenever they want to

7. Pick enjoyable physical activities

8. Don't be a couch potato

9. Drink water not soda

10. Look at the labels to make sure they are healthy