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November 1, 2013

Stallion Shout Outs

  • Red Ribbon Week was a huge success! Huge thank yous Lauren Black and Communities in Schools for coordinating and funding the Choice Bus and Teen Challenge and our Counseling Divas Reagan and Nejla, for scheduling the groups and coordinationg our competition for students!
  • Our grade level chairs, Cynthia Wicker, Karen Caldwell, and Laurie McCauley presented SLMS' School Improvement goals for our school plan to the Middle School Curriculum and Instruction Committee plus most of Lee County Schools' Leadership Team (including Dr. Bryan). It was so powerful coming from our teacher leaders! If you want to see the smore flyer we used, click here for The Stallion Direction.
  • WOW is what I say to STRIVE this week! The PE department, Courtney, Hannah, Scott, and Kris, planned with admin, organized the activities and set up a sound system(since ours is not working in the cafeteria) and facilitated the fun throughout the morning. The counselors also planned with admin, planned and shared the lessons and troubleshooted on the hallways. ALL teachers were AMAZING, as usual. by being flexible, helping one another, encouraging each other and our student, and laughing. We have had some feedback, all of which was positive and formative for future STRIVE days. We will schedule a get to know you session for the first lesson next year. Several gave suggestions for future games and activities.
  • The fire alarm, that we are now counting as our November drill, went beautifully! The cafeteria was cleared out is less than a minute. This weekend we had the alarm go off twice because of dust in our smoke detectors although there is no visible dust on them. Our wonderful custodians were trying to help by dusting these and it set the alarm off. Maintence has informed us they will keep these clean by spraying air and taking apart to clean. :)
  • Looking forward to our dance this evening! Brittany Bok has worked hard with her Success Club selling tickets all week. Before lunch was over there were 250 tickets sold. I really appreciate all those that have volunteered to chaparone tonight and know it will be lots of fun for all!


These webpages were nominated by their peers for the LCS Webpage of the month:
  • 6th Mr. Allen
  • 7th Mr. Davis
  • 8th Mr. Pienaar
  • PAV's Mrs. Duncan

Have you updated your webpage lately???

Remember: Our goal is for anyone to visit our webpages and know what is going on right now in each classroom and find the support and answers needed for students and their families.

Next Week

Mark your calendar

  1. Monday - UnMeeting - topics will include Counselor's Corner on SST process, Tech Tidbit on Tech webpage, Flip It - Testing Students with Disablilites (video coming: technical difficulty :/), Learning and Growing Together - Pass the Buck
  2. Tuesday - Math/ELA PLC's
  3. Wednesday - Report Card pick up for 6th and 7th grades - send home for 8th grade. Parent portal information sessions available in the library 3-6. Fundraiser pick up in PLC room
  4. Thursday - Funraiser Fun Day - more info coming soon (select students in the a.m.) Tech Thursday and Pep Rally 1:45 p.m. (dismissing from gym) Home game, soccer and volleyball, against East Lee



Expectation for 2nd Quarter: Grades should be updated WEEKLY (by Tuesdays)! Parent Portal has been opened and more parents will have access after our report card pick up on Wednesday. Parents cannot help if they do not know. If a student has 3 missing assignments parents MUST be contacted!

United Way Campaign

Friday, Nov. 1st, 8am-3:30pm

2309 Tramway Road

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This is the last week we are collecting donations. Please give to Ashley.

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