Black Holes

By Nicholas Hardt

The Birth of a Black Hole

Black holes are born at the end of the "life" of certain stars.  These stars are at least nine times as large as the Sun.  When such a star runs out of fuel for it to continue the process of nuclear fusion, the star collapses on itself, causing the density at the center to increase and creating a black hole.

Properties of a Black Hole

Black holes have various properties that are not found in other celestrial objects.  The most well known property is that once anything, including light itself, breaches the event horizon, it can not escape the pull of it.  Black holes also are capable of noticeably distorting light as light passes them.

The Singularity

At the center of each black hole is a singularity.  What happens there is unknown.  Some physicits believe that matter is simply crushed into a single point of infinite density, while other suggest that the singularity connects a link to another black hole and possibly other univereses.