Hope Donovan

theme project

life is like a race, you might just win, but you have to try

no cuts

no scrapes

no bruises

no scars

no one can change who you really are

so come on come on you can finish this race, make it out fine you might win first place,do it better, do it hard, get it up, you will be fine

faces screaming in your face all the time tell you no,

just quit

but hang on,

dream you can fly you can win this thing!

why i wrote this...

ever since i was really small, i always thought of my older self to be strong, smart and gritty. i have always tried to push myself to run the extra mile and go off the limit. when i first started playing an instrument, for example, i would always ask how to get better, and what i can do to "win". i would literally run the extra mile, however, not a lot of people would think that i could do a lot. i simply wrote this song to boost my confidence.

value words

the song

my song encourages you to keep pushing harder and harder to fulfill your dreams. i compare life to a giant race, people will yell at you to just quit. however, just keep going and work harder and harder everyday. dont ever stop dreaming, and no matter what others tell you to do, wether you ignore the remarks or not, keep flying.
Do Your Own Thing - By Hope!