The Boreal Owl

By Owen G. and Jaqueleen R.

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ipmortant facts

The Boreal Owl is a 8-12 inch long 7-8 ounce Owl that lives in Canada. It's wingspan is 20-25 inches long. They borrow in abandoned woodpecker holes. Their 4 to 7 eggs are incubated in these holes for 25 to 27 days, after they have hatched they start flying about 32 days later. Their call is a soft pleasant bell like TING-TING-TING.

Pages 35 and 36

Pages 35 and 36 of The Book Of North American Owls explains how owls die before ADULTHOOD my many things. One example of this is 50% of OWLETS don't make it past their first year. Another reason is even if the owls survive being an owlet 96% of adult owls die because of humans, for example DDT which was a CHEMICAL sprayed on crops by farmers that was eaten by insects and than made its way of the food chain. A third example is the most cause of owlet deaths is STARVATION, which may because by lack of food in the area that they live in. Clearly, most owlets don't make it past their first year of life.


- owlets= a baby owl
-DDT= a chemical that was sprayed on crops that killed animals and is now banned in the US
-Starvation= the act or state of starving, lack of food
-chemical-of,used in, produced by, or concerned with chemistry
-adulthood-having attained full size and strength
-populations- the total number of species in an - nocturnal-active at night -camouflage-hiding or being hidden from enemy's -insecticide-this is for killing insects - congress-the national legislative body of a nation of a republic -night vision-able to see at night or in dim light -penalty-a law or rule and a punishment


The book of North American Owls page 37 and 38 tells how people are helping the owls. One way to help the owls is to learn more about them and there needs.Owls are nocturnal and have excellent camouflage making hard to find them. The night vision helps the people find the owls and study them. Congress is helping the owls by passing laws making it illegal it shoot the owls.If someone is found shooting the owls they will face heavy penalty and a stiff fine.DDT, a powerful insecticide used by farmers,has been banned in the united states.

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