Creating Independent Learners

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Creating Independent Learners by Debbie Diller

1. All children can learn to work independently of the teacher.

2. It is the teacher’s responsibility to create a setting in which children can work independently. (Anchor Charts)

3. To help children become independent, teachers must release responsibility and control to them over time.

Step 1: Look at Standards

•• On chart paper, record the Big 5 of Reading

(PA, Phonics, Fluency, Comprehension, Vocabulary)

• Add Writing

• Record standards under each category that are in a particular unit of study (6 weeks, unit, etc)

• Note specific expectations for each standard

• Choose 1 standard to plan for instruction

Step 2: Whole Group Instruction

•• How will you teach from introduction to independent?

• What is the academic language?

• Best practices for teaching skill

• What texts or other resources do you need?

Step 3: Small Group Instruction

•• What would this look like in a station?

• What materials do I need?

• Create sample of product.

• Create station. (Planning Form)

Station Checklist:

1. Does the station reflect the standard?

2. Does it allow for differentiation?

3. Is it student-centered and engaging?

Station Reflection

1. Were my students able to complete station independently?

2. If not, what do I need to change or add?

3. Are the students transferring skills into their independent work?

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