Team Happy Hour

Welcome to Happy Hour! I'm so happy you're here!!

YAHOO!! You've joined... Now what?!

Congratulations on taking the first big step toward making a huge IMPACT in the lives of so many people around you, not to mention your own! I'm so happy to have you on my team! Now that you've enrolled, I'm sure you have a million questions. Our back office has lots of useful information, please spend some time looking around and utilizing our training videos. For now, these are the most important things you need to know to get started... If there is ever anything I can do to help you during your journey, please don't hesitate to call or email any time. You can reach me by phone at 303.570.7276 or email,

vOH Back Office, Main Menu

My Profile

  • Manage personal info and photo on personal website
  • Change mailing and billing address
  • Change your contact information
  • Enter your testimonial under the "Personal Website" tab. This will show on your website.

vOH Back Office, Commission Tools

  • Hyperwallet VISA Setup - BE SURE TO DO THIS ASAP! This is how you get paid!! Pay days are on the 1st and 15th
  • Unpaid Commissions - You can log in to view your unpaid commissions any time. You also have the option to purchase product using your unpaid commission... Not too bad!

vOH Back Office, General Tools

  • Reward Points - While you're in your Fast Start (and during your career), you can earn Reward Points. This is where you can track those points. 25,000 points = $100

vOH Back Office, My Activity

  • Order History - This is where you can track your/customer's order history

vOH Back Office, viaU, Resources

viaU is a big place! Please spend a lot of time here! Look through the files, get to know our wine, there's a lot to learn! While you're there, be sure to order your business cards!

  • Business Cards - In viaU, choose Resources. Under Additional Resources Links, choose Business Cards at Vista Print.
  • Also under Additional Resources Links, you can find lots of helpful information on each of our varietals. I prefer to print out the "Shelf Talkers" and take them with me to my wine tastings. It includes the tasting notes, cause and award information. You can find them under Bottle Shots, POS California Series, Shelf Talkers.
  • In viaU, under Resources, you will also find the following information:
  1. Logos
  2. Event Guide (pdf link)
  3. Gifting Catalog (pdf link)
  4. Featured Wine List
  5. Pricing Sheet (*Note: Our pricing sheet lists CO as $20 shipping. We are only being charged $10 with $0 tax! YIPPEE!!)
  6. Shipping Map
  7. Lead Capture Form
  8. Order Forms
  9. Cause and Impact Info (this lists each wine along with it's cause and charity info)

vOH Back Office, viaU, Email Templates

This is a great place to start if you're having a difficult time getting started!

vOH Back Office, Parties

You will use this to set up a new party and enter order for an existing party. If you are still 60 days within your enrollment date, please be sure to talk to me BEFORE you place any event orders. I am more than happy to go over this with you either in person or over the phone, whichever you would prefer.

CEO Catalog

To purchase wine, business supplies, etc, log in to your website (, choose "Shop My Store", log in to your store, choose CEO Catalog and place your order using reward points, unpaid commission, or other payment.
I look forward to working together!


Shelly Pruss


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