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3/19/2018 TxDHH Learning Bites

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There's a Badge for That!

  • During your end of year conference do you find yourself struggling to explain all that you learned during the past school year?

  • Do you sometimes find it hard to prove that you learned a new skill and that you have applied it in your work?

  • Have you ever been super excited about something new you learned, and the paper certificate you received just did not embody your excitement or your learning?

Digital Badges can help address all of these issues!

Tx DHH Learning Bites - Purpose

Learning happens anytime we reflect on something we have experienced. That experience could be a formal professional development workshop we have participated in, or it could be a quote we heard or read, a video we watched, or book we read.

The TxDHH Learning Bites addresses a topic relevant to deaf educators by providing resources in various sized bites! Whether you have 1, 5, or 15 minutes, or you choose to dig much deeper, you will find resources to help make an impact on you and your students.

For more information, check out our Video!

Below are different learning opportunities on the weekly topic, each requiring a different level of time commitment and involving different types of materials. Think about how you prefer to learn and how much time you want to commit. Then choose one (or more) of the activities or articles below.

Why Digital Badges

Just a Minute PD

Look over the infographic below. What does this mean to you?
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Prefer to Read a Blog or Watch a Video?

What Is A Badge?

How Can I Earn Badges?

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Mental Health Musings

It's easy to give up when we don't see results immediately. Remember that progress happens one little bit at a time!
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Warm Up Exercises

While it is important to warm up our bodies, our mind often needs some work as well!
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What does this look like in action for me?

For any learning experience, our learning is equal to our effort. In order for us to grow from our learning, we need to take the time to pause and reflect. How does our new learning fit in to what we already know and do?

Each of you reading this has a different role, with different responsibilities. Think about what you learned today through the lens of your particular role, as well as your personal and professional learning needs. This is an important part of the learning process!

Take the time to think about a new idea you learned, a new approach you want to try, or a new skill you have acquired. Consider how to put your new insights, skills, and abilities to work! That's where the real learning happens.

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Texas Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Susie Tiggs, State Lead DHH Services

Anne Darr, ESC Region 11 DHH Services

Twyla Loftin, Texas DHH Services

Danielle Battle, Sensory Impairment Services Birth to Three

Miriam Ackerman, DHH Services Technician