Pact prevention

healthy choices to prevent birth defects

Plan Ahead

  • Get 400 micro grams of folic acid every day.
  • Folic acid is a b vitamin it helps prevent birth defects of the developing spine and brain
  • ways to get folic acid:
  • fortified foods
  • supplements
  • varied diet rich in folate.
  • See a Doctor regularly
  • A woman should see her doctor when planning to be pregnant and while pregnant. It is important to see your doctor, so make sure you make every appointment.

Avoid Harmful substances

  • Avoid alcohol. alcohol can get in the mother's blood stream and pass to the baby through the umbilical cord. Wine, beer or any other alcoholic beverages are not healthy for the baby it can lead to stillbirths, miscarriages, and a range of life long physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities.
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs)
  • the best way to avoid this is not to drink while pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Avoid Cigarettes

  • Dangers of smoking are premature babies, low birth weights, and birth defects like, cleft palate or lip, and infant death.
  • Even being around tobacco can put the woman and child at risk.

Avoid marijuana and other illegal drugs

Using marijuana or other illegal drugs while pregnant can lead to birth defects, low birth weights and premature babies. If you take marijuana for medical purposes talk to your physician about another alternative.

Choose a healthy life style

  • keep diabetes under control.
  • Strive to maintain a healthy weight.

Talk to your Doctor

  • Talk to your doctor about taking any medications, or vaccinations.
  • taking prescribed or over the counter medicines can cause birth defects, premature births, and even sometimes miscarriages and stillbirths so talk to your doctor about the risks of the medicines you are taking.
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