We Want You

to come to Minnesota. -Denali Johnson


Lake Superior has good water to drink from. Fort Snelling provides protection from the british. Fur trade posts helped us get fur from the indians. We were part of a war and we won. We have over 10,000 lakes.

"The Fur Trade Place."

This is Fort Snelling.

It was important because it protected the settlers from british. The soldiers were not there to attack but to enforce U.S. laws.
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This is Alexander Ramsey.

He is the first territorial governor. He was also the first state governor.
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My Feelings.

I felt scared. I was leaving my family back in New England. I thought it was going to be ugly, but when I got to Minnesota, it was BEAUTIFUL.

Alexander Ramsey Quote.

"Our course then is plain. The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of Minnesota."