Civil Rights Museum

By: Macy Hurley, Madie Hutton , Lauren Turner



  • In the past slaves were treated like they were property
  • African Americans were forced into involuntary servitude
  • African American children were put into child labor as early of the age of four
  • African Americans began to fight for freedom in late 1800's to early 1900's

Mental Health Reform

  • Mental Health Reform was to fight for mentally disabled people
  • They were considered non-equals
  • People chained them up so they couldn't "harm" others
  • Were not not allowed to be educated
Prison Reform

  • Prison Reform was when mentally disabled children got thrown into prison
  • Dorothy Dix helped mentally ill people get treated how they should be
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  • Civil Rights in the past has taught us that we should try to treat everyone equally no matter what
  • African Americans are still having problems standing up for themselves
  • People are still fighting for Civil Rights today


  • Civil Rights will always be a problem
  • But even though we might see each other as non- individuals we should treat everyone with the same respect

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Major people in Civil Rights Museum

Theodore Dwight Weld and Fredrick Douglass

  • Theodore was a writer,editor, speaker and organizer during the abolitionist movement during 1830-1844.(African American)
  • Fredrick Douglass was abolitionist, orator, writer and statesman(African American)
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