Permanent or Temporary

Will your colony survive the New World?

Diversity of a Different Race

It was an English settlement but, the colony was not only for English settlers. People from all different countries are aloud to come here for chances of freedom.


Choice by the people was never really an option before now. In the New World everything became a choice how to live, which religion they wanted to be apart of, where to live, how to govern their colonies. The way the colonies were successful was by choice and a voice for the people.


Society was organized but yet not judgmental. Unlike the south there weren't any slaves. In our colony we believe that peace with everyone was a gateway to success. At the start the natives were our only way to survival. We were more focused on starting our new lives instead of starting a war.


Freedom was one of the values our colony was established on. The religion of our colony is Anglicanism. In some colonies people would be persecuted but, here you still have the freedom to worship however you desire.

Economy & Environment

Our colony is in the north so the ground isn't good farming land. We make our living from fishing and trade. We can fish all the time because our colony is close to the ocean. The natives also taught use how to farm in a new way. Sometimes there are things that we need that aren't available so we trade with the south or Europe to get the goods we need. There is plenty of materials to build homes out of because it is a forest. This is definitely different but we make do.

Overcoming Struggles

It probably sounds like a piece of cake to move to the New World but it isn't. We got lucky other colonies were struck with diseases, started settlement in the winter, or didn't bring enough supplies. We may not have been the first but, we definitely settled with challenges kept in mind.